Walking On--A Daughter's Journey with Legendary Sheriff Buford Pusser

By Dwana Pusser with Ken Beck & Jim Clark

Well, O.K., this book isn't exactly, directly related to Mayberry, but it is a book by a red-headed kid about a famous smalltown Southern sheriff of the 1960s.  And a couple of Goobers helped write it. And there are some Mayberry references in the book. So there is a connection.  And it's a fascinating story.

For fans of sheriffing and the legend of Walking Tall, this insider's look at the life of Sheriff Buford Pusser is made for you.  

This 280-page hardcover memoir by daughter Dwana Pusser has lots of rare photos, too.

Barney Fife once exclaimed, "We defy the mafia!"  Buford Pusser did the same.

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