Mayberry Man by Gary Varvel

Mayberry Man by Gary Varvel

Celebrate the Mayberry Man feature length movie with this amazing art by award winning cartoonist Gary Varvel.  Depicting the likenesses of cast members from the Mayberry Man movie, this is sure to make smiles pop out all over. 

Mr. Weaver wanted to mention that in addition to being an award winning artist (Indiana Headliners Award, The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and more), Gary is the proud father of Mayberry Man leading man Brett Varvel AND Gary plays the part of the mayor of the town in which Mayberry Man is set.

Printed on 100 lb. cardstock

Size: 13"x19"

There's a postcard sized version of this wonderful artwork as well!

***Actual artwork does not have the Weaver's Department Store watermark on it.