Mayberry Sheriff Badge Deluxe

Mayberry Sheriff Badge Deluxe

Andy and his badge

Weaver's has been offering a sturdy, but simplified, representation of Andy's sheriff badge for quite some time.  That badge isn't a replica but for the price, you can't beat it.

If you are looking for a exact replica of the badge Andy wore on the show, Weaver's has this wonderful option for you.  This badge is as close to exact as you will find and is very high quality material.  It is screen accurate  so you will have the look of an official Mayberry Sheriff.  

Screen capture of Andy's badge

You'll be proud to display this badge in your Mayberry collect or wear it with your Sheriff uniform. It uses a "Pin & Safety" type connection to penetrate the fabric in order to be worn.

Color: Nickel
Size: 2.75" (tip-to-tip)

NOTE: This a reproduction from TV and conveys no authority. The badge is only available as shown with a Pin & Safety Attachment and has a slight curve.

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