Blu-Ray Complete Series Set of The Andy Griffith Show

The complete set of all 249 episodes from 1960 through 1968.

Travel back to a simpler time, when the biggest problems for Mayberry sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) came from the hijinks of his excitable-but-goodhearted deputy, Barney Fife (the inimitable Don Knotts), and the trials of raising his young son, Opie (Ron Howard).  The Andy Griffith Show was stepped in nostalgia even in its own time, set in a world where there was little that couldn’t be solved with home cooking by Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier). Forget your troubles and join Gomer, Goober, Floyd and many more beloved characters for all eight seasons and 249 episodes of hilarious small-town adventures. Welcome home to Mayberry!

Below is a listing of the on-disc supplemental content. 

Season One, Disc One:

  • "Danny Meets Andy Griffith" From "The Danny Thomas Show" Season 7 (HD, 27:20): A season seven episode that features Andy Griffith's introduction. From February 15, 1960, several months prior to The Andy Griffith Show's premiere in October 1960. With optional English subtitles.
  • The Howards' On-Set Movies (HD, color, 8:36): From the supplement: "Ron Howard's parents filmed these home movies on the set of 'The Andy Griffith Show.' This precious footage gives us a rare look at the Howard Family's behind-the-scenes life in Mayberry." The color footage is set to music and makes for a wonderfully unique glimpse into the world behind the scenes, notably the characters and sets from the years before the show's transition to color. With optional English subtitles.

Season One, Disc Four:

  • Return to Mayberry Television Movie (HD, LPCM 2.0, 1:33:1 1:35:26): A 1986 television movie. The audio is extraordinarily loud at reference volume. Picture quality is rather strong, showcasing solid colors, excellent detail, and fair black levels and flesh tones. With optional English subtitles.
  • "Person to Person" Interview with Andy Griffith (SD, 13:05): Mr. and Mrs. Andy Griffith sit down with Host Ed Murrow. From June 14, 1957. With optional English subtitles.

Season Two, Disc One:

  • Original Sponsor Ads (1080p, 4x3, various runtimes): Viewers can watch the short clip commercials, starring the cast of The Andy Griffith Show. Each ad runs around a minute and were originally attached to the following episodes (note that these ads are only available here; they do not play in conjunction with the episode proper): Opie and the Bully, Barney's Replacement, Andy and the Woman Speeder, Mayberry Goes Bankrupt, Barney on the Rebound, Opie's Hobo Friend, Crime-Free Mayberry, and The Perfect Female. Sanka coffee and Post cereal star.

Season Two, Disc Two:

  • Original Sponsor Ads (1080p, 4x3, various runtimes): Ads from Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter, The Clubmen, The Pickle Story, Sheriff Barney, The Farmer Takes a Wife, The Keeper of the Flame, and Bailey's Bad Boy. Again, Post cereal and Sanka coffee star.
  • "The Pickle Story" (Colorized) (1080p, DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0, 25:37): The season two episode, in color.

Season Two, Disc Three:

  • Original Sponsor Ads (1080p, 4x3, various runtimes): Ads from The Manicurist, The Jinx, Jailbreak, A Medal for Opie, Barney and the Choir, Guest of Honor, and Aunt Bee The Warden: More from the good folks at Sanka and Post.

Season Two, Disc Four:

  • Original Sponsor Ads (1080p, 4x3, various runtimes): Ads from The County Nurse, Andy and Barney in the Big City, Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee, Three's a Crowd, The Bookie Barber, Andy on Trial, Cousin Virgil, and Deputy Otis. Sanka and Post sponsor.
  • Clip from Opening Night 1962 (SD) (480i, 4x3, 3:45): Andy reads an essay from his school years.

Season Three, Disc One:

  • Original Sponsor Ads (1080p*, 4x3, various runtimes): Ads from Mr. McBeevee (*in standard definition), Andy's Rich Girlfriend, Andy and the New Mayor, The Cow Thief, Barney Mends a Broken Heart, Lawman Barney, and The Mayberry Band pitching Jello-O, Sanka, and Baker's Chocolate Chips.

Season Three, Disc Two:

  • Original Sponsor Ads (1080p, 4x3, various runtimes): Ads from Floyd, the Gay Deceiver; Opie's Rival; Convicts-at-Large; The Bed Jacket; The Bank Job; One-Punch Opie; Barney and the Governor; and Man in a Hurry pitching Jello-O and Sanka.

Season Three, Disc Three:

  • Original Sponsor Ads (1080p*, 4x3, various runtimes): Ads from High Noon in Mayberry, The Loaded Goat, Class Reunion, Rafe Hollister Sings, Opie and the Spoiled Kid, The Great Filling Station Robbery, Andy Discovers America, and Aunt Bee's Medicine Man (*in standard definition) pitching Jello-O and Sanka.

Season Three, Disc Four:

  • Original Sponsor Ads (1080p*, 4x3, various runtimes): Ads from Andy's English Valet; Barney's First Car; The Rivals; A Wife for Andy; Dogs, Dogs, Dogs; Mountain Wedding (*in standard definition), and The Big House pitching Sanka and Post Cereal.
  • Clip from Opening Night 1963 (SD) (480i, 4x3, 1:59): Griffith and Knotts briefly perform a little skit.

Season Six, Disc Four:

  • "Opie Joins the Marines" From Season 2 of the Television Series, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. 
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