Maggie Peterson Collection


Maggie Peterson, best known as “Charlene Darling” on The Andy Griffith Show, loved being part of that great show and the many friends and fans she’s made because of it. 

Weaver’s is teaming with Maggie and her family to bring you photographs and other items from her career. We are hopeful that you find a treasure that brings you the same joy that Maggie received being on The Andy Griffith Show. Maggie wants to share this collection rather that leaving it in a trunk. Maggie is not able to perform in person, so this is a way you can stay connected with her.

Maggie is residing in a senior assisted living facility. Since moving there, she has required additional care due to her chronic health conditions, limited mobility, and restricted use of her arms. These conditions make it impossible for her to live independently. This level of care increases the costs for Maggie.

As a fan who loves Maggie and certainly considers her a star, you might wonder about residuals from The Andy Griffith Show and where they might be. The Andy Griffith Show ended in the late sixties before residuals became what they are now.  Residuals were paid for only the first three re-airings of episodes on which actors appeared. Maggie has not received a residual for her work on The Andy Griffith Show in more than fifty years.

 Please look through the Maggie Peterson collection of photographs and other items. The photos are 8x10 inches and include Maggie’s autograph. Many are limited editions. All proceeds will go directly to helping Maggie.

If you would rather donate directly, or provide additional funds to Maggie, please consider going to the GoFundMe page for Maggie operated by her family. 

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