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PLEASE NOTE: All UPS charges are in addition to our standard flat rate of $5 for shipping and handling on all orders shipped to the same address. UPS charges will be added to your order and you will be required to approve the additional shipping cost.

But why pay extra money to UPS? Avoid the rush and order now. You won't get a "rude"  from Miss Crump like Ernest T., because this is one time it's perfectly O.K. to hurry a bit in Mayberry.  

We apologize we no longer ship FedEx, we and our customers  have had too many issues with them. So, we no longer use them. We can ship UPS or USPS Priority. 


Alabama Residents will be charged a 4% sales tax. (Huntsville, AL & Madison County, AL Residents will pay 9% or 4.5% tax respectively.)
Weaver's will email if there are any questions about your order.

Though we ask that you allow 10 to 15 days for delivery, most orders are shipped out by U.S. Mail within 2 business days of our receiving your order. Orders should reach their destinations within 2 to 9 business days after being shipped, depending on how far they have to travel and whether particular packages qualify for a plane ride as part of their journey. 

If you need guaranteed fast delivery, consider requesting UPS or USPS Priority 2 day, but doing that will mean an extra (often substantial) charge. 

International Shipping Information 

We apologize, we no longer ship internationally. We only ship within the United States, due to shipping issues that we've had with some orders that shipped internationally it's just something that we no longer do. We only ship to the Continental U.S, Alaska & Hawaii. - Thanks.  

UPS Service Available
If you absolutely positively need to receive your order in a hurry, UPS delivery is available to most areas in the U.S. (but not to post office boxes). All UPS charges are in addition to our flat-rate $5.00 shipping and handling fee on all orders. 

 To request special UPS or USPS service, indicate in the Comments section on our online order form that you want us to "Please ship by UPS" or whatever your special shipping instructions are and also include the latest date and time that you can receive the shipment

Especially if you need the shipment to arrive by the morning of the delivery day, it is important that you let us know that's the case. Including this extra delivery information will help us determine the cheapest form of UPS shipment to use or determine if UPS service (with its extra charges) is even necessary to get your shipment by the time you need it. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT ship it out UPS or USPS 2nd Day or Overnight until we have your approval on the exact amount of the shipping charges for the UPS/USPS cost.  Please make sure you have provided a correct email address & phone number (with your messaging set up) so we can reach you. Otherwise your order WILL BE delayed if we can't reach you. We don't just ship it out when you ask for UPS or Special Shipping. We need your approval on the the actual charges once we give the quote from UPS. We have to weigh the order & determine the packaging that it will have to ship in to give you a quote. 

You can also email us after the order goes through just to confirm that we got the special shipping message. 

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: Customers who request SPECIAL SHIPPING service often forget to let us know the date and time they need delivery when they make their requests in the Comments section of our online order form.  So we're sneaking in another reminder here.

Depending on our shipping schedule and exactly when you require delivery, we may be able to ship your order by Priority Mail and get it to you in plenty of time at no extra charge and save you the UPS, USPS 2 day or overnight charges. Your providing the latest date and time of day that you can receive your order will help us make the most cost-effective shipping choice for you.  



To order any of the items seen here at Weaver's, use our shopping cart system and your VISA, MasterCard, or DiscoverCard.

You may also either send a check, money order, or
credit card information to Weaver's by U.S. Mail (address below) including our flat-rate of $5 shipping and handling per order (not per item).  Alabama Residents must add a 4% sales tax. (Huntsville, AL & Madison County, AL Residents must add  9% or 5.5% tax respectively.) Weaver's will email if there are any questions about your order.

Unless a customer requests UPS delivery (which is also available for orders as well as by U.S. Mail), the delivery time for phone orders is the same as orders received online or by mail. 

You can use the shopping cart to gather your order and then print out the final result from the "Check Out" page and phone in your order (256-650-5999 M-F 10am- 6pm CT) OR mail that page with payment or your Visa, MasterCard, DiscoverCard or American Express info to us at:

Weaver's Department Store
4800 Whitesburg Drive Suite 30 - 236
Huntsville, AL 35802
* Be sure to include your Full Name, Mailing Address, City, State, and ZIP Code when you mail your order.  And Aunt Bee reminds you: Don't forget to indicate the desired sizes (where applicable) and quantities of each item.

Alabama Residents will be charged a 4% sales tax. (Huntsville, AL & Madison County, AL Residents will pay 9% or 5.5% tax respectively.)
Weaver's will email if there are any questions about your order.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery but most orders are shipped out by U.S. Mail within 2 business days of our receiving your order and will usually arrive within 2 to 9 business days of shipment.  

We WILL NOT mail your order to you if you select the Phone/Mail order option without payment FIRST. You must mail us payment in one of the forms stated above or YOU call us, we do not contact you. You may call us & give us a credit card over the phone or mail payment in to us. 

We DO NOT receive TEXT messages at our business number, please call us or email us if you need to contact us. Thank you. 

If you wish to exchange an item for another selection or if you wish to return an item for a credit or a refund, simply return the unwanted item (along with a note describing the reason for the return and telling us whether you want to make an exchange or receive a refund) to:
Weaver's Department Store
4800 Whitesburg Drive Suite 30 - 236
Huntsville, AL 35802

In the event that a credit or refund is due you, Weaver's will either issue a credit to the credit card from which you ordered OR write a check to you for the amount you paid for the returned merchandise. Likewise, in the event of an exchange, if the item you return is more/less expensive than the one that you select to replace it, you can either send a check or money order for the difference or your credit card will be billed/credited for the difference.
You will also be charged the shipping charge to have the new item(s) shipped back to you. 
Our return policy is 30 days. 
On apparel returns, please only return UNWORN apparel. If you've already worn it then, we ask that you not return it. 
Only return it if it's the wrong size, if you received it as a gift & already have that design & want to swap it for another design or product. Thanks for understanding. 

If you have any questions about an order, e-mail us at

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