Colonel Harvey's Indian Elixir Flask

Colonel Harvey

Weaver's has been working with traveling salesman, Colonel Harvey, to bring you this stainless steel hip flask branded with the labeling for the Colonel's elixir. The elixir is sold separately at your favorite local "tonic" store but you can enjoy displaying the flask on your shelves. Otis told Mr. Weaver that he'd take two.

You may not need to purchase the actual elixir unless you feeling tired and run down. Dragging yourself out of bed in the morning or feel that life seem hardly worth living. Then friends, you may need the elixir.  Otherwise, this flask may lift your spirit by at least 85%.

Flask comes with a funnel to aid in filling with your choice of tonic.

Size: 4.8" x 3.7" - 8 oz. - Stainless Steel
NOTE: Label may not survive in high quality if it gets very wet. (It may smear or become stained.)

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