Mayberry Axes Pizza Cutter

Mayberry Axes Pizza Cutter

Weaver's found these pizza cutters that have a Mayberry feel to them.  You can get your choice of a phrase that is laser engraved on one side of the handle.  

From the "Alcohol and Old Lace" episode, you can celebrate National Still Smashing Day with an "ax" that has the phrase "Pow, pow pow.

Or choose, from "The Haunted House" episode, the "ax" that old man Remshaw left floating around in his house that almost made Barney faint.  The phrase on this one is Barney stating "With an ax." and Gomer replying, "An ax?  Shazam."

Get yourself one or both!

Size of each: 7 ¼” long 

Care Instructions: Hand wash only.