The Mayberry Effect DVD

The Mayberry Effect
 is a humorous and inspiring film exploring how The Andy Griffith Show has influenced individuals and audiences over many generations.  This film follows David Browning, the nation’s number one Barney Fife tribute artist, Allan Newsome, the Floyd The Barber tribute artist, and many other tribute artists as they entertain crowds all over the nation at various Mayberry festivals helping new and old Andy Griffith Show audiences laugh and stay connected to one of America’s favorite television sitcoms of all time. 

The Mayberry Effect also explores how fans today continue to celebrate the sitcom through festivals like Mayberry Days, decorating their own homes and businesses in all things Mayberry, through participating in Bible studies based on the lessons taught in the show and by dressing up as their favorite characters. 

The question is, "How long will The Mayberry Effect last?"  

The Andy Griffith Show has never been off the air since its last season in 1968.  Will people continue to flock to Andy Griffith's hometown of Mt. Airy, North Carolina to experience that Mayberry feeling or will the sitcom fade away into past like so many other television shows have done over the past 60 years?