Other TV & Movie Classics

This section of Weaver's Department Store is devoted to selected items from other popular TV shows other than "The Andy Griffith Show," as well as some classic, family-oriented comic strips and cartoon characters. These items don't necessarily have a direct Mayberry connection, but they have a similar nostalgic and wholesome feel to them.

We think that these are fun products that will appeal to many Mayberry fans who also enjoy other TV shows and nostalgic pop culture. (Mayberry purists need not worry, though. We'll keep these items in their own distinct section. They won't encroach on the Mayberry-ness of rest of our site. But we thought we'd be neighborly and offer these items because we think they're pretty neat.)

Our goal is to provide a good cross-section of the best items available for other TV shows, plus a few comic strips. None will stray far from Mayberry.