Miracle Salve

Miracle SalveMiracle Salve

Mr. Weaver knows you've been looking for some good hand cream and he thinks he finally found some to meet your needs. This 2oz jar of hand made Miracle Salve will most certainly help those whose hands are "dry as dust."

Mr. Weaver was told by Barney that this salve may be good for "poison ivy, athlete's foot, prickly rash, the complexion, spring itch and crow's feet."  He also said that Dr. U. T. Pendyke, D.V.M. prefers it to Molly Harkin's Mange Cure.

Weaver's cannot confirm all those uses but can say it is a wonderful all natural cream.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Mineral Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soluble Collagen, Stearyl Alcohol, Aoe, Wheat Germ Oil, Elastin, Coconut Oil, Parsley, Lavender Fragrance.

Size: 2 oz.