Mayberry Firsts

Mayberry Firsts: A Compendium of Historical Essays on the Classic Television Series
by Randy Turner
Revised 2nd Edition

Mayberry Firsts is a collection of short-form essays. Each essay makes us aware of the “first” time something happened in Mayberry, but it isn't just a checklist of events. Each "first" is used as a springboard to dive deeper into the series and present fun and interesting facts about The Andy Griffith Show in the process.

This is a completely revised 2nd edition of Randy's book with additional information and more than 20 new photos.

Have you wondered where the names Mayberry,  Opie, or Gomer came from? What the names of the Darling boys were as written in the script? Why was Otis written off the series?  The answers to these questions and so many more can be found in the 224 pages of Mayberry Firsts.   (softcover book)