Gilligan, Maynard and Me (softcover)

Gilligan, Maynard and Me (softcover)

In 1993 Bob Denver wrote this career memoir, which encompasses stories from Dobie Gillis, Gilligan's Island, The Good Guys, Dusty's Trail, Far Out Space Nuts and all three Gilligan movies filmed in the late 70s and early 80s. 

Every word in this book was written by Bob himself, which means his wonderful story telling talent shines through on every page. His attention to detail regarding stunts from Gilligan's Island is not only astounding, but informative. 

These are "new,"  never circulated, copies of Gilligan, Maynard and Me.  As the first and only book Mr. Denver wrote, Gilligan, Maynard and Me is definitely a collector's item.

There is an audiobook version of this book here at Weaver's recorded by Bob Denver himself.   The photos in the softcover make the decision of which to purchase a hard one so you may want both.

192 page Softcover with photos (B&W) 

Autographed by Dreama Denver

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