Four Bears in a Box - Back to the Beach

Four Bears in a Box - Back to the Beach
Dreama Denver, wife of late TV icon and Gilligan's Island star Bob Denver shares for the first time an original story inspired by Bob and their son Colin, who suffers from autism. Dreama's Four Bears In A Box series of books gives you the chance to touch the lives of the little ones in your life and take them on a magical journey of imagination and pure joy!

After a long winter, Clyde, Sadie, Dee & Boo are off on a new adventure! Jumping into their magical box, they decide to head back to the island, hoping to find the man in the red shirt who waved to them on their last adventure. This imaginative and beautifully illustrated book will delight children and adults alike. You'll love the new friends they meet on their search. Excellent early reader. 

32 pages Hardcover

Autographed by Dreama

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