The Gospel According to Andy

The Gospel According to Andy

"A visit to Mayberry is almost like going to church."  

Many fans of The Andy Griffith Show make that observation as they recognize Christian life lessons in the episodes of that television classic. 

Pastor Ronald "Dee" Vaughan often receives that feedback from members of the congregations he's serves when he uses Mayberry moments as a sermon illustration or leads a Bible study based on his favorite episodes.  Seeing so many connections between Mayberry life and the Christian life, Pastor Vaughan has undertaken the task of discovering and describing a Christian life lesson in each episode of TAGS.  

The Gospel According to Andy, Volume 1 offers the reader a spiritual truth from each episode of Seasons 1 and 2 of the series.  Future volumes will venture into Season 3 and beyond.  Each devotional includes a guided prayer to begin a conversation with God about the day's lesson.  Also included is a "footnote," a fun fact or trivia about each episode.  Open this book and your heart and hear The Gospel According to Andy.

Paperback: 261 pages

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