The Cop Cookbook

The Cop Cookbook by Greta Garner-Hewitt, Ken Beck, and Jim Clark

The Cop Cookbook Rare--Out of Print!
by Greta Garner-Hewitt (daughter of James Garner), Ken Beck, and Jim Clark

Arresting Recipes from the World's Favorite Cops, Good Guys, and Private Eyes, Foreword by Robert Stack This brand new cookbook features 325 recipes (and more than 200 photos) from over 150 TV and movie actors who have played cops (from the 1950s to today), plus recipes from real police chiefs and other cops from all 50 states. The Mayberry connection is made with recipes from Don Knotts and James Best as well as Mayberry guest stars Buddy Ebsen and Richard X. Slattery. (There was even a legitimate reason to include a photo of Ron Howard!) There's also a super sketch of Barney Fife by TAGSRWC member Rod Sadler, who's an actual police sketch artist. If you like TV and movie cops (from Police Woman, Columbo and Dirty Harry to from Joe Friday, Jessica Fletcher and Andy Sipowicz, you're likely to enjoy this 240-page spiral paperback.

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