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Attaboy Don Knotts Comic Legends/Tied up with Laughter DVD

Beyond Mayberry's beloved Barney Fife, this "Don Knotts:Tied up with Laughter!" DVD
shows Don in a series of wonderful, hilarious stand-up routines and skits in rare performances from the 1960s and '70s.

In this special hour-long comedy collection, Don is joined by singer-actress Joey Heatherton, actress Jane Powell, former Dallas Cowboys player Lance Rentzel, comic (and Mayberry deputy) Jack Burns, Don's Love God movie co-star Maureen Arthur (also wife of "Andy Griffith Show" producer Aaron Ruben), and the legendary Jimmy Durante.

Bonus material includes Don with Lucille Ball and an early look at Don's comedy career and some "never before seen" special features.

This DVD is sure to be a great treat for all fans of our favorite deputy--one of the true, cherished comedy legends of our time...and of all time.

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