The Private Eyes on DVD

The Private Eyes on DVD
Don Knotts and Tim Conway play bumbling Scotland Yard investigators out to solve a double murder in this Victorian-esque whodunnit set in merry old England.

Inspector Winship (Don Knotts) and his assistant Tart (Tim Conway) arrive at a Gothic mansion occupied by the grieving heiress Phyllis (Tricia Noble), whose parents have perished under suspicious circumstances. A quirky crew of servants ranging from a butler with rage issues, a samurai warrior cook, and a maid with a bubbly personality all display likely motives for murder.

The investigators search for clues while being watched by paintings with moving eyes, exploring a frightful torture chamber, and attempting to communicate with their superiors at Scotland Yard via carrier pigeons who never seem to reach their intended destination.

A fun & funny whodunnit with two of comedy's all-time best at the helm.
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