How to Frame a Figg on DVD

Along side "A Ghost and Mr. Chicken," this movie features Don Knotts as Barney Fife in all but character name.  Right down to the salt-n-pepper suit, the character Hollis Figg could just as easily be an undercover identity for Barney Fife.

When Barney...err...I mean Hollis Figg (played by Don Knotts) is assigned to operate an "advanced"  computer containing important city related information, he uncovers facts leading to corruption within the government.

Barney..err..Hollis immediately tells the mayor who then gives him a big new office - complete with a very pretty secretary - plus a racy red company car trying to throw him off the trail.

Immune to the  bribery, Barney...err...Hollis continues his mission to nab the city officials.   "Is this good government!?!" - Barney Fife

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