Original "Andy Griffith Show" Scripts

These original scripts from "The Andy Griffith Show" are ones that were used by beloved actor Hal Smith (Otis Campbell.) Many contain markings, notes, and doodles by Hal. A few also have bonus features, such as Shooting Schedules and Call Sheets.

We acquired these scripts from Hal's estate many years ago. Because these scripts were part of the actual production of the show--and because they were Hal's--they are some of our most treasured items, and some of the most significant artifacts of the show.

We have carefully preserved these scripts in our archives for all of these years. Our original intent was to eventually donate these scripts as a single Collection to a library or other institution. But then Andy Griffith donated his complete set of scripts to the University of North Carolina, and actor George Lindsey and others donated theirs to the University of North Alabama. A few other scripts from the show are being preserved for posterity and reference at other institutions, including a few that TAGSRWC and others have donated to the Andy Griffith Museum in Mount Airy.

So, it no longer seems as critical to us that we preserve Hal's Mayberry scripts in a single collection. It's now probably a better idea for these scripts to find happy homes among our fellow fans, who for years to come will cherish them as much as we have.

Our offering these scripts for sale is a lot like Andy Taylor deciding to sell his prized Eagle-Eye Annie fishing rod in order to get the bed jacket for Aunt Bee. In this case, proceeds (100% of the sale amounts) for these scripts will go toward Weaver's and TAGSRWC's support of upcoming Mayberry events. Most of the proceeds will be earmarked for the annual Mayberry Days festival in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, N.C., but we hope to be able to use some of the proceeds to support other efforts leading up to show's 55th Anniversary in 2015.

We think if these scripts find a good home while helping us support some good Mayberry causes, then that's a wonderful win-win situation for Mayberry and its fans.

For several years, we've also offered some of Hal's non-Mayberry scripts to support Mayberry events and charitable fund-raisers. Several of those scripts are still available, including some from popular and important productions, so we encourage you to browse those online here at Weaver's as well.

As for these "Andy Griffith Show" scripts, each listing has general descriptive information about markings made by Hal Smith and other special features (such as a few that are autographed by legendary writer Jack Elinson). If you want further details about a particular script, please e-mail us at weavershop@aol.com.

BONUS: A black & white 8x10 photo of Hal Smith as Otis is included with each script. (In a few cases, the photo will be for the same episode as the script.) Also included with each script is a 4-page tribute published about Hal after he passed away in 1994.

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