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Andy Griffith Show 2023 Calendars

2023 Andy Griffith Show Wall Calendar 2023 Mayberry Day-by-Day Flip Book CalendarIt's time to be thinking about the coming year and what better way to stay on top of all those important dates than with an Andy Griffith Show Wall Calendar and a Mayberry Day-by-Day calendar.   These calendars sell out almost every year so don't wait to get yours...or you might not.

Andy Griffith Show Squad Car 1964

Andy Griffith Show Squad Car 1964 Weaver's has added this 1:43 scale collectable Mayberry patrol car to our fleet of cars. It's a great addition to your collection and can be displayed as a larger relative of your Johnny Lightning replica of the Mayberry patrol car.  The car is Die-Cast metal body and chassis with amazing detail.  This limited edition collectable is about 5.5 inches by 2.5 inches  and comes with a nice display case to make your collection look even more special.

Miracle SalveMiracle Salve

Mr. Weaver knows you've been looking for some good hand cream and he thinks he finally found some to meet your needs. This 2oz jar of hand made Miracle Salve will most certainly help those whose hands are "dry as dust." Mr. Weaver was told by Barney that this salve may be good for "poison ivy, athlete's foot, prickly rash, the complexion, spring itch and crow's feet." He also said that Dr. U. T. Pendyke, D.V.M. prefers it to Molly Harkin's Mange Cure. Weaver's cannot confirm all those uses but can say it is a wonderful all natural cream.

Mayberry Man

Mayberry Man Merchandise

Mayberry Man is a feature length movie about an arrogant movie star who is busted for speeding in a small southern town and is sentenced by the judge to attend Mayberry Fest: a festival, celebrating The Andy Griffith Show. Immersed in this modern day Mayberry, he discovers the true meaning of friendship and family. The movie has been filmed and will be released to the general public in late 2021 or early 2022!

Weaver's Merchandise

Weaver's Merchandise

Mr. Weaver decided it was time to have some items related to his store. Here's a great looking, soft cotton, navy t-shirt and a low profile navy cap featuring Weaver's Department Store logo in orange. The colors show off Mr. Weaver's support for the old Orange & Blue of Mayberry Union High. Thank you for shopping at Weaver's and showing your love for the show and the store.

Mayberry Favorites Shirts

Mayberry Favorites Long & Short Sleeve T-shirts & Sweatshirts

These t-shirt will let folks will see some of Mayberry's favorite townsfolk.  Even without their faces showing, you can bet fans will recognize their Mayberry friends.  Add a smile to your face and to those around you by wearing these tees with the Mayberry spirit shining through.

Mayberry's Finest Coffee & Bacon

Mayberry's Finest coffee

Mayberry's Finest

Weaver's is proud to offer this line of premium coffees from Mayberry's Finest!  The 12-ounce bags are available in Sunday Morning Breakfast Blend, Otis Campbell's Better-Than-Home Dark Roasted Coffee and Mayberry Diner's Decaffeinated Coffee each are sourced, roasted and ground by the unsurpassed Just Love Coffee Roasters. They know coffee!  Don't forget our gourmet bacon from Mayberry's Finest and Broadbent in Country hickory smoked flavor. The bacon is dry-cured  (does not require refrigeration).  

Seven NEW shirts for 2020 60th Anniversary Shirts

60th Anniversary Shirts and Seven Weaver's Exclusive Designs

60th Anniversary Shirts & seven designs EXCLUSIVE to Weaver's!  Weaver's has nearly five dozen different T-shirt designs to choose from! Several designs are available in regular Sweatshirts and some as Hoodies as well. There are enough shirt choices to have a different one for every week of the year!) Happy browsing!

60 Years of Mayberry60 Years of Mayberry

This wonderful collection of essays, recollections, and reflections in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of The Andy Griffith Show's debut. It is a 188 page softcover book is filled with wonderful memories from fellow fans of The Andy Griffith Show, one of the men responsible for bringing the show to us, and the family of Mayberry cast members.

Mayberry Ornaments

Mayberry Ornaments Weaver's is excited to have these new wooder Mayberry related ornaments that you can hang or sit around the house during the holidays and throughout the entire year.Celebrate the Mayberry spirit with these Kerosene Cucumers, Patrol Car Emblem, Two Chars No Waiting, and Mayberry Christmas ornaments.

Mayberry Patrol Car Emblem Embroidered Cap

Mayberry Patrol Car Emblem Embroidered Cap

Weaver's is happy to offer the popular patrol car shield on a low profile cap. The design is embroidered on a tan canvas cap.

Mayberry FirstsMayberry's Finest

Mayberry Firsts : A Compendium of Historical Essays on the Classic Television Series by Randy Turner  (Revised Edition) is a collection of short-form essays. Each essay makes us aware of the "first" time something happened in Mayberry, but it isn't just a checklist of events. Each "first" is used as a springboard to dive deeper into the series and present fun and interesting facts about The Andy Griffith Show in the process.

Have you wondered where the names Mayberry,  Opie, or Gomer came from? What the names of the Darling boys were as written in the script? Why was Otis written off the series?  The answers to these questions and so many more can be found in the 224 pages of Mayberry Firsts.

Messages from Mayberry

Messages from Mayberry For more than half a century, viewers have loved The Andy Griffith Show, not only for its wholesome humor and unforgettable characters, but also for the life lessons so many episodes teach.

Author and Pastor Ronald "Dee" Vaughan put Mayberry magic to work in his church's worship services by showing an episode and going to the scripture to explore life issues from a Christian perspective.

Messages from Mayberry contains Pastor Vaughan's messages based the twenty-five episodes

Mayberry Beach Towels

Mayberry Beach Towel

Weaver's has beach towels in three styles to let you show off your Mayberry spirit. Take them to the beach or the pool and let Barney, Andy, and Opie protect your valuables while you take a dip in the water and then dry you off when you return.

Check out the Lawmen, Barney Face, and Fishin Hole versions of the Mayberry Beach Towel and pick your favorite or just get them all.

Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook Hardcover

Aunt Bee's Hardcover Cookbook

As part of the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of TAGS in 2020, publisher Thomas Nelson has released this hardcover edition of Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook.

The cookbook has all of the same content as the original spiral-bound 1991 edition--including more than 300 recipes (many of which are from the cast and crew of The Andy Griffith Show, as well as from TAGSRWC members and other Mayberry fans), bits of trivia, dialogue passages, and dozens of photographs. It's all been freshened up with a new design and a sturdy hardcover that also lies flat for easy use while cooking.

Mayberry Police Department T-shirtMayberry Police Department Zip Up Hoodie SweatshirtMayberry Police Department T-shirt & Zip Up Hoodie Sweatshirt

Have you ever wondered if the Mayberry County Sheriff's Department was the only law in the city of Mayberry, this t-shirt can help answer that question. The Mayberry Police Department t-shirt comes in two styles. Standard collar and Ringer. The artwork has a distressed look to give it an old feel.

With cooler weather here, you'll want to show your Mayberry spirit while staying warm in the Mayberry Police Department Zip Up Hoodie Sweatshirt. Weaver's also has a "regular" sweatshirt in this same design.

Fishin Hole Accessory PouchFishin Hole Beach Towel

The Fishing Hole Collection

The items of Fishing Hole Collection share a common design of Andy and Opie sitting on the bank of Andy's favorite spot for spending the day relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.  You can get that feeling with any one of the great items in the collection. You can choose from a zippered pouch, throw pillow, pillow case, blanket, golf towel, or a tote bag to hold them all.  Be sure to visit the link to see how much relaxing you might want for your very own.

The Loaded Goat T-Shirts

The Loaded Goat T-Shirts

 "Uncle Nat! You're not Uncle're a goat!" - Otis Campbell
Weaver's is proud to have been chosen as the Official online retailer of Loaded Goat merchandise! The Loaded Goat is a family friendly, veteran-owned, sports pub & grill in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, NC. "Jimmy" is the mascot for The Loaded Goat and has a striking resemblance to Otis' uncle Nat.

Mayberry Pennant

Mayberry Pennant

This felt pennant features Mayberry colors of the ole' Orange and Blue. White lettering outlined by orange all on a blue background and topped off by a sewn-on orange edge strip. The pennant measures 24 x 9 inches. Perfect for showing your Mayberry pride at home or at work.

Mayberry Patrol Car License Plate

Mayberry Patrol Car License Place

This is a reproduction of the North Carolina JL 327 License Plate that was seen on the Mayberry Patrol Car in the 1963 season of The Andy Griffith Show. The patrol car was Andy and Barney's only authorized vehicle (aside from the short time Barney had a motorcycle). 

The patrol car changed model years each season but, with only a few exceptions, the license plate number was always JL 327.

Great for use on replicas of the Mayberry patrol car or on your personal vehicle to show your love of the Mayberry to fellow fans.

Barbershop Hair Styles Print

Barbershop Hair Style Print

Mr. Weaver has been working with Floyd to bring you a recreation of the "Official Hair Styles for MEN and BOYS" print that hangs in Floyd's Barber Shop. .

The print is 16"x 20" on heavy weight stock. The print will be shipped in an art tube to protect it during shipment. 

The print includes a recreation of the sample hair styles offered at Floyd's Barber Shop and a scene representative of a certain man and his son walking home from the fishin' hole in the top left corner.  Get yourself a copy for your barber shop or Mayberry room.  While you're looking around, check out the Old Man Remshaw Print.

Mayberry Sheriff Badge

Mayberry Sheriff & Deputy BadgesMayberry Deputy Badge

Most of us may not feel like you can step into Andy's shoes but, what about Barney?

These badges are sturdy, but simplified, representation of Andy and Barney's Mayberry badges. In other words, aren't exact replicas but for the price, you can't beat them.

The color is "nickel" and you'll be able to pin it to the khaki shirt of your choice to have that official sheriff or deputy look.

The Definitive Andy Griffith Show Reference

The Definitive Andy Griffith Show Reference

This reference book is one of our fastest-selling books ever. And for good reason. It offers the most complete episode guide of any of the Mayberry books.

Fact-filled episode summaries are accompanied by cast notes and trivia for each episode.

There also is a section with profiles of the cast, writers and production team for the show, plus a section on memorabilia.

Kerosene Cucumbers T-shirt

Aunt Bee's Apple Pie T-shirt

Aunt Bee T-shirts

There's alway room for Aunt Bee's Apple Pie and now that includes in your closet. You can make folks mouths water with this great looking Aunt Bee's Apple Piie t-shirt.

Or, put a fire in your belly and show it off by wearing the Aunt Bee's Kerosene Cucumbers t-shirt. This light gray t-shirt is sure to mean a great dill to you and yours so take this sage advice and get yours today. The design features a "mason" jar with fire coming off the "kerosene cucumber."

"Shoo fly! He's dead?" - Barney Fife

Property of Mayberry Athletic Department T-shirtProperty of Mayberry Athletic Department T-shirt

This tee will allow you to show your Mayberry Union High spirit and pride in being one of the amazing athletes who have passed through the halls. You can let others know that you were featured in Barney "Scoop" Fife's "Pickups and Splashes from Floor and Pool" sports column in the school paper. The front of the tee declares, "Property of Mayberry Union High Athletic Department" in big bold letters.

Mayberry Choppers CollectionMayberry Choppers

Your choice of plush sweatshirt, sweatshirt hoodie, or t-shirt will make you all the rage in any seasons. You'll look as "cool as the center seed of a cucumber," all while staying nice and warm in the sweatshirts and add a leather jacket with the t-shirt and you're ready to patrol Checkpoint Chickie or the streets of Mayberry.

There's even a mousepad to make your computer have that Phantom Fife feeling when you're online.

Floyd's Barbershop Sweatshirt

Floyd's Barbershop Ringer T-ShirtFloyd's Barbershop T-Shirt & Sweatshirt

Weaver's has the original gray T-shirt, the slghtly more "dressy" ringer version with the blue collar and sleeve rings, and the sweatshirt version of this design. Mayberry fans have been enjoying this design for a long time so it's tried and true. It's the biggest thing to happen in Mayberry since the firetruck jackknifed on Main Street. Add a version of this Floyd's Barbershop wear to your collection saluting the world's most beloved barber.

Floyd's Barbershop SweatshirtFloyd's Mayberry Barber Shop Sweatshirt

 Weaver's has our original gray Floyd's Barbershop t-shirt as well as the "dressy" ringer version with the blue collar and sleeve rings.  

Now we're adding the Floyd's Mayberry Barber Shop sweatshirt to the collection so you can wear your appreciation of the best barber in Mayberry in warm and cold weather.  Everybody's always talking about the weather but we thought we could do something about it.

As Floyd might say, "Every shirt is a walking testimony." 

Mayberry Patrol Car Emblem Sticker

Mayberry Patrol Car Emblem Sticker

Finally, a way to personalized cell phone covers, "yeti" style cups, or anything else with a flat surface you can put a sticker on.

The design is the one used on the driver and passenger doors of the Mayberry squad cars but a little smaller.

Each sticker is circular (2.5" diameter) 4 mil white vinyl that will show your love of Mayberry to everyone.

Goober Beanie and Mayberry Deputy Patch

Goober BeanieMayberry Deputy PatchMaybe you'd like a Goober-Style Beanie Hat Fashioned from brown felt.  This hat has the look any Goober will love. Best of all, you get to cut your own holes in the top, just as Goober himself would do. Get your beanie, baby, and say "Yo!" One size fits all.

Or maybe being a lawman like Barney is more your style.  If so this Mayberry Deputy Patch would look good on you.  

The Andy Griffith Show 50th Anniversary--The Best of Mayberry DVDThe Andy Griffith Show 50th Anniversary--The Best of Mayberry DVDThe Andy Griffith Show 50th Anniversary--The Best of Mayberry DVD

This is a really exciting item for Mayberry fans.

Featuring 17 Favorite Episodes, the "Danny Thomas" pilot for TAGS, Clips from Season Premiere nights for 1962 and 1963 seasons, Return to Mayberry reunion movie and MORE!

Johnny Lightning Andy Griffith Show Squad Car

The Andy Griffith Show Book Back in 1998, Johnny Lightning released a series of replicas related to famous TV shows and movies called "Hollywood on Wheels." That series has been out of production for many years but Weaver's was lucky enough to find a small number of a special order series simply called "Mayberry." This series of Johnny Lightning cars feature a Die-Cast metal body and chassis with detailed engine and interior and rubber tires. The size is the same as a Matchbox or Hot Wheels car.

Old Man Remshaw Print

Old Man Remshaw Print

Weaver's was lucky enough to find this print of the very painting that hangs in the old Remshaw place in Mayberry. If you look closely at the print, you will likely notice that the eyes seem to follow you when you move around the room...of's probably just the lighting.

The print is 16"x 20" on heavy weight stock.

For more spooky fun, drop by The Old Remshaw Place for FREE Barn-o-lantern, Floyd-o-lantern, Goob-o-lantern and Op-o-lantern patterns.

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