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February 5, 2007

Welcome to our first issue of the Weaver's Newsletter for 2007!  Here's the latest:


   We have several new items, including a few more of our popular T-shirt Grab-Bags and a new Goober Grab-Bag with a wide variety of items online now at Weaver's. 

   Here are some highlights among our current lineup:

Mayberry Reflections* Mayberry Reflections: The Early Years by Ken Anderson  $15.00   NEW!

   We're pleased to offer this heartfelt new paperback from a devoted Mayberry fan.  The book's 220 pages (including some Mayberryish photos scattered here and there) cover the first four seasons (127 episodes) of the series.  Ken gives detailed descriptions of each episode's action.  He then weaves in his own thoughts about those stories and the lessons he draws from them.  Ken's deep love of the show and enthusiasm for sharing thoughts about Mayberry are likely to give readers the same sort of warm feeling that they get from watching the show itself.

   Here's how the publisher describes the book:

   "Mayberry Reflections summarizes plot lines of episodes through the first four seasons of the popular television series and adds reflections by the author on how the simple truths expressed in each show retain their meaning, even in the face of today's more complex society.

   "The purpose of this book is really quite simple.  The author hopes that as you read each reflection you will take a few minutes to pause and be transformed back to another time and place.  As we all know, Mayberry is a fictitious place.  But the ideals and values that were instilled in the people that lived there are very real.  They were important to the people of Mayberry, and they should continue to be important to each and every one of us no matter whom we may be or where we might live.

   "Ken Anderson believes that it is important for today's readers to understand that the values that were found in Mayberry are as relevant today as they were back when Mayberry first aired. He wants to give readers some things to reflect upon as they watch the wonderful episodes that show life as it was in Mayberry."

   Ken resides in Eau Claire, Wis., with his wife, Linda.  He's organizer of Mayberry Memories chapter of TAGSRWC in Eau Claire.  He also posts regularly on the daily Digest of TAGSRWC's online "Who's Been Messin' Up the Bulletin Board?" chapter.

   This book is a nice companion for watching the show.  Watch an episode and read the corresponding chapter, or vice versa.  Keep a copy on your bedside table or anywhere there's a nearby TV that brings Mayberry home.


Hal Smith Scripts* Shhh!  Secret Discount Only for Weaver's Newsletter Subscribers on Vintage Scripts of Hal Smith (Mayberry's Otis Campbell)

   For the remainder of February, we're offering a discount to Weaver's Newsletter subscribers on the eight scripts of Hal Smith's that we have for sale in our Special Items section of Weaver's Dept. Store online.  All scripts that are listed as $100 and below get a discount of $20.00.  All scripts listed for $101 and higher get a discount of $40.  In order to get this additional discount, you need to type "Dipsy Doodle" in the Comments section of the online form when you place an order that includes one of these scripts.  We'll make the price change manually on our end before processing your order.  (The discount won't show up on either the online form or the e-mail receipt that is generated automatically for every online order.)  We'll also include two 8x10 photos of Hal.

   These scripts are all non-"Andy Griffith Show" scripts, but they are from some of the truly classic shows from throughout TV history.  All of them are Hal's original scripts from his work in the episodes.  Many have notations that he made.  We think they're real keepsakes.  We've enjoyed having them here at Weaver's, but it's time that they find homes where others can enjoy them, too.  All proceeds from the sales of these scripts go toward our support of September's annual Mayberry Days festival in Mount Airy, N.C.


Ernest T.'s Sacks of T-Shirts   $32.00   NEW!

   We recently visited Ernest T.'s cave over by Old Man Kelsey's Woods and found several sacks of new (that is, never worn) T-shirts squirreled away among the sacks of rocks.  Seeing as how he was more interested in having a uniform, Ernest T. graciously gave us the sacks of T-shirts to use as fundraisers for our support of Mayberry Days.

   Each Sack contains four 100% cotton T-shirts.  Some are from Mayberry reunion events during the last twelve years, while others are some of the licensed shirts that are no longer in production.

   A couple of Sacks have sold without our even advertising that we have them.  We just quietly listed them on the Weaver's site last week.  At this writing, we have five Sacks left in four different assortments.  Three Sacks (in two different assortments) are available in XL, one Sack is available in Large, and one Sack has a Small, two Mediums, and a Large.

   Here are the Sacks we have to offer:


Sack #1 (all shirts are XL):
3 different 35th Anniversary Cast Reunion T-shirts
1 40th Anniversary Cast Reunion T-shirt

Sack #2 (all shirts are XL):
1 35th Anniversary Cast Reunion T-shirt
1 40th Anniversary Cast Reunion T-shirt
1 Barney Multi-Head T-shirt
1 Mayberry All Cast and Squad Car T-shirt

Sack #3 (all shirts are Large):
1 1999 Cast Reunion T-shirt
2 different 40th Anniversary Cast Reunion T-shirts
1 Barney Multi-Head T-shirt

Sack #4 (already sold out)

Sack #5 (sizes shown below):
1 1999 Cast Reunion T-shirt (small)
1 1999 Cast Reunion T-shirt (medium)
1 Pipe Down Otis T-shirt (medium)
1 40th Anniversary Cast Reunion T-shirt (large)


Goobers Grand New Grab-Bag of Mayberry Stuff* Goober's Grand New Grab-Bag of Mayberry Stuff   $50.00   NEW!

   Goober has been rummaging around in the garage again and has come up with another Grab-Bag of interesting Mayberry items.  Most of the items are no longer in production and are therefore now in the category of "collectible."

At a minimum, each Grab-Bag has the following:

* 1 Mayberry-related book with an original retail price of at least $10
* 1 Mayberry-related VHS tape (it's VHS but still sealed)
* 1 Mayberry-related audio tape (still sealed)
* 1 "Andy Griffith Show" ornament
* 2 Different newspapers with extensive coverage of major Mayberry events
* 1 Mayberry license plate
* 1 Mayberry mouse pad
* 1 Vintage (that is, not 2007) Mayberry wall calendar
* 1 Wooden Mayberry building front (Bluebird Diner)
* 3 Different Mayberry bumper stickers
* 1 Cardboard header card from a Mayberry lollipops display
* 5 Different Mayberry photos (8x10)
* 2 Different Mayberry birthday balloons
* 1 110-card set of Series 2 "Andy Griffith Show" trading cards
* Assorted Mayberry event and news publications and materials (fliers, newsletters, fans, magnets, buttons, etc.)


   If the items were sold separately, their suggested retail prices would total well over $100.  And some of the items have never even been priced for sale at all--and they still aren't, even now.  They're just in the Grab-Bag and priceless.

   Priceless or not, we had to come up with a price...and it's $50 for the whole Grab-Bag.  We have only a handful (fewer than 10 at this writing) to offer with this configuration of items because most of the items are in extremely short supply.  Get 'em while you can.

   And yes, you guessed it-all proceeds (not just the profits, but 100% of the $50 price) are going toward our annual support of the Surry Arts Council and its Mayberry Days festival in September in Mount Airy, N.C.  So with a Grab-Bag purchase, you get a good deal while also supporting a good Mayberry cause!


All Souls Church Fundraiser* All Souls Church Fundraiser

   We're pleased to make this All Souls Church Wooden Building Front available in larger quantities as a potential fundraiser for church groups and other civic organizations.  The numbered building fronts, which had a limited-edition production of no more than 5,000 pieces, are no longer in production. 

   The painted pieces, part of the retired Mayberry Main Street Collection, measure approx. 5 in. x 5 in. x 1 in. thick.  The manufacturer's suggested retail price for each building front was $18.  We sell them individually at Weaver's for $15.  While they last, we're offering the All Souls Church in lots of 20 for $100.

   Our thought is that, at this price (below wholesale), church groups and civic organizations could re-sell the buildings for $10 to $15 each and thereby produce a pretty good fundraiser.  This price might even make it feasible for Mayberry Bible Study groups to use the buildings as nice items to present to Bible Study participants who complete the course.

   Any which way your group uses the buildings, one thing's for sure--Mayberry is always a good place for All Souls!

Complete Eighth Season of The Andy Griffith Show on DVD* Complete Eighth Season of "The Andy Griffith Show"   $32.00

   Here is the final season with the final thirty episodes of the greatest TV series on the planet.  We have some combos with this DVD set elsewhere in this section, but this offer is just the Complete Eighth Season all by itself.  We'll have this introductory price of $32.00 (vs. the suggested retail price of $40.00) through February, before our price settles into the same $34.00 of the sets for the other seven seasons.

* Box Set of All Eight Seasons of "The Andy Griffith Show"   $249.00

   The suggested retail price for this set of every episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" is over $320.00.  We're going to keep it simple.  There are 249 episodes of the show.  Our price for this set is just $249.00.  That's right...only one dollar per episode.  That means unbelievable savings for you and incredibly easy math for us.  We'll also be throwing in a bonus item or two with the box set orders.  What that item(s) will be will vary depending on what we still have on hand at the time.  (In other words, the earlier the order is received, the better the stuff we'll still have on hand to use as bonus items.)

Gomer Plye Season 1* Complete First Season of "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."   $32.00

   As the final season of TAGS comes out, "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." is also being released on DVD.  Hooray...or rather, Golllleee!  This DVD not only includes all 30 episodes, but it also has these special features:

* Commentary by Jim Nabors and others on some episodes
* The "Gomer Pyle" Pilot episode from "The Andy Griffith Show"
* An interview with Jim Nabors on "The David Frost Show"
* Clips from"The Jim Nabors Hour"

   This first season brings a bit of Mayberry to the Halls of Montezuma and the shores of Tripoli. Get in step and march with Gomer, Sgt. Carter, Duke, Miss Bunny, and Lou Ann Poovie to all the laughs the United States Marines Corps can handle.

A Night in the Ozarks with The Dillards DVD* A Night in the Ozarks with The Dillards DVD   $15.00

   If there has ever been such a thing as a "must have" for Dillards fans, this item is it.  This classic "audiolithograph" of Dillards music and stories was produced and directed by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's John McEuen and written by John with Rodney Dillard and Mitch Jayne.  Filmed at a house that Mitch found way out in the country in the Missouri Ozarks in 1989 and released on VHS during the early 1990s, this film features 16 songs, including Mayberry favorites "Banjo in the Holler," "There Is a Time," "Ebo Walker," "Doug's Tune," and "Dooley."  The music and conversation around the house are caught as close to seemingly spontaneous and raw as can be accomplished on film and video using several cameras.  And yet considerable thought obviously has gone into the production to create that relaxed, natural feel.  Sound familiar?

   There are so many highlights and delights to this film that it's hard to describe them all.  Filmed using four Super 8 cameras and two video cameras, this film gives the viewer the sense of just sitting on the back porch and in the living room with the four original Dillards (Doug Dillard, Rodney Dillard, Mitch Jayne, and Dean Webb) and friends and family, including father Homer Dillard, Beverly Cotton Dillard (Rodney's wife), Ginger Boatwright, and Steve Cooley.

   When the film was originally released, it was like a joyous, nostalgic reunion of the Original Dilllards, the ones Mayberry fans and others discovered and instantly loved beginning in the 1960s.  Doug was no longer playing with The Dillards when this documentary was filmed. 

   All these years later, this film has a one-two punch of nostalgia-one punch for the 1960s Dillards and another for this 1989 reunion itself.  These days Doug and Rodney are touring together again, but Dean is performing mostly with another group around Branson, and Mitch has retired from playing music.  This film therefore captures a precious moment in Dillards history.

   The hour-long main film has a bonus half hour or so of stories, interviews, behind-the-scenes shots (including John McEuen joining in on banjo), and brief concert footage filmed in Salem, Mo., the same week as the rest of the film.  Extra footage and special features not on the original VHS release have been added to the DVD version.  All we can say is get ready to enjoy a toe-tapping Night in the Ozarks with old friends, The Dillards!

Autographed Items as Fundraisers for Don Knotts Memorials* Autographed Items as Fund-Raisers for Don Knotts Memorials

   The framed and matted photo at the link above is one of two items that we're selling as a fund-raiser for Memorials to Don Knotts.  (The other is an autographed copy of Don's memoirs in our Books section.)  All profits from the sale of these framed prints and books will be divided equally among the Don Knotts Legacy Fund in Don's hometown of Morgantown, W.V.; the American Lung Association; and the Surry Arts Council, organizer of Mayberry Days in Mount Airy, N.C.  Don's family has given its blessings to our using these autographed items as a fund-raiser toward our support of each of these charities in Don's memory.

   About this item: It is a handsomely matted and framed photo of a classic Barney Fife pose and was signed by Don Knotts.  There's also some descriptive text about Barney Fife and a second photo of Andy Griffith, Don Knotts and Jim Nabors sitting in chairs during a break in filming.  A snapshot of Don signing prints and a certificate of authenticity are attached to the back of the frame.  The frame measures 11 x 14 and is ready to hang with pride on a wall near you...or a friend's wall.  The price is $135.00.


2007 Wall Calendar* 2007 "Andy Griffith Show" Wall Calendar   $13.00  

  For the fourth straight year, we're pleased to offer an official "Andy Griffith Show" Wall Calendar.  This 2007 calendar is designed much like those for 2004, 2005 and 2006.  All of these recent calendars have featured black & white photos of Andy, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee and Gomer.  The calendar measures 12 x 22 in. when unfolded.

   Fans have come to expect a quirk or two in these calendars.  Past years have seen their share of reversed images, for example.  Well, you won't be disappointed again this year.  Not only is there once again a reversed image, there is the bonus of the calendar manufacturer having mistakenly included a photo of Andy Griffith and Don Knotts from No Time for Sergeants.  "They'll get it right next year, Howie."  But it's a swell calendar.  The little goofs kind of give it that extra Mayberry charm and collectibleness.  And don't forget...the 2007 calendar grid will be usable again in 2018.  And save that 2006 calendar (also still available at Weaver's), too, because it'll be good again in 2017.


**** Floyd's Barbershop Bulletin Board-Event Calendar ****

* Now to April 28: Ronnie Schell and Ruta Lee are stars of Senior Class--A Revue of the Golden Years for their third season in Palm Springs, this time at the Annenberg Theatre.  For more info, visit: http://www.seniorclassrevue.com/

* Feb. 9: David Browning shows his animal magnetism at the Sweetheart Valentine Banquet at the First Baptist Church in Dover, Fla.

* Feb. 10: Doug and Rodney Dillard perform in Greenwood, S.C.  For more info, call (864) 992-9262.

* Feb. 10: David Browning entertains at the Mayberry Social at Grace Fellowship Church in West Palm Beach, Fla.

* Feb. 16-18: Doug and Rodney Dillard perform at the Mid-Winter Bluegrass Festival at the Northglenn Ramada Plaza in Denver, Colo.  For more info, visit http://www.midwinterbluegrass.com/.

* Mar. 1-4: 10th Annual George Lindsey UNA Film Festival in Florence, Ala., hosted by George Lindsey and with Special Guest of Honor Ernest Borgnine.  Some highlights include:
      Thurs., Mar. 1, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
"Sweet Home Alabama: Filmmaking from Mobile to Muscle Shoals"
- Local officials, filmmakers, and state film representatives will attend this reception and screening of Alabama film entries to celebrate filmmaking in the state.  Keynote Room, Florence (Free)
      Fri., Mar. 2, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
"From Marty and McHale to Mermaidman: An Evening With Ernest Borgnine"

Keynote Room, 310 North Pine Street, Florence.  General Admission $15; Students $10 ("After Party" included)
      Sat., Mar. 3, 8:00 - 10:00 p.m.
"10th Annual Awards Show"
Keynote Room, 310 North Pine Street, Florence.  General Admission $15; Students $10 (cash bar & heavy hors d'oeuvres)
      Sun., Mar. 4, 1:00 p.m. - until
Best of Show, Clyde "Sappo" Black Sweet Home Alabama Award Winner, and winners from each category will be screened at Florence-Lauderdale Public Libary (Free)

   For tickets and info, call (256) 765-4592 or (256) 765-4241.  Check for updates on the Event Calendar at http://www.mayberry.com/ and visit http://www.lindseyfilmfest.com/.

 * Mar. 17: David Browning gets revved the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

* Mar. 24: Maggie Peterson Mancuso joins Doug and Rodney Dillard for a mini-Darlings reunion in concert at Johnston Community College in Smithfield, N.C.  For more info, call the box office at (919) 209-2099.

* Mar. 24 and 25: David Browning is in tune for NASCAR racing at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

* Apr. 6: David Browning slides into Salem, Va., for the Avalanche baseball game.

* Apr. 11-15: Margaret Kerry appears at the 60th Annual North Carolina Azalea Festival in Wilmington.  Schedule TBA.  Visit http://www.ncazaleafestival.org/ for updates.

* Apr. 14: David Browning emcees the talent show fund-raiser at Berea First Baptist Church in Greenville, S.C.

* Apr. 19-21: Back to Mayberry festival benefiting Eagles' Wings, a foundation supporting adults with special needs in Tuscaloosa and Northport, Ala.  Stars confirmed so far include Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou), Maggie Peterson Mancuso (Charlene Darling) and husband/jazz virtuoso Gus Mancuso and The VW Boys.  Tribute artists confirmed include David "Mayberry Deputy" Browning, Allan "Floyd" Newsome, Phil "Ernest T." Lee and Kenneth "Otis" Junkin.  The event includes a golf tournament on Thurs., the 19th, and a banquet, variety show and other festivities over the next two days.  Further details TBA soon.

* April 26: Doug and Rodney Dillard perform at the Park City Bluegrass Festival in Park City, Kans.  For more info, visit: http://www.parkcitybluegrass.com/.

* Apr. 27: Doug and Rodney Dillard will be shucking the corn at 7th Annual Country Bluegrass Show at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds in North Platte, Nebr.  For more info, visit the festival Web site at http://countrybluegrassshow.tripod.com/

* Apr. George Lindsey performs with saxophone great Boots Randolph at 8 p.m. at the Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.  Tickets go on sale Mon., Feb. 12, at 9:00 a.m., by calling 1-800-792-4308 or 865-453-2003.  Visit http://www.firstclassconcerts.com/ for more info about this and other special shows with country music legends throughout the year at Country Tonite Theatre.

* May 16: David Browning patrols the Small Business Expo in Sanford, N.C.

* May 25: It's time to rock 'n' roll when David Browning is in town for the Salem (Va.) Avalanche game.

* May 26: David Browning is off to the bases at the Lexington (Ky.) Legends baseball game.

* May 31: David Browning helps hand out citations at the DARE graduation in Rocky Mount, Va.

* June 1-3: James Best appears at CMT DukesFest in Nashville, Tenn.  Tickets available through Ticketmaster at (615) 255-9600.  For more info, visit http://www.cootersplace.com.

* June 15-17: Doug and Rodney Dillard float in for the Huck Finn Jubilee in Victorville, Calif.  For more info, visit http://www.huckfinn.com/.

* June 16: David Browning will be Glenn Fording it all over the place when he catches the 3:10 to Yuma (Ariz.) for the Scorpions baseball game.

* June 22: David "Hat-Trick" Browning is back in town for the Salem (Va.) Avalanche baseball game.

* July 28: Tentative date (likely to change, so use a pencil to mark it) for 7th Annual Mayberry Squad Car Nationals in Graysville, Ala.  Details TBA.

* Sept. 27-30: 18th Annual Mayberry Days in Mount Airy, N.C.  For tickets and more info, visit http://www.surryarts.org/.

* Oct. 19 and 20: Mayberry Comes to Cocoa 2 in Cocoa, Fla.  This event is separate from but timed to be in conjunction with "Cruise to Mayberry 2" below.  The cruise leaves from nearby Port Canaveral the day after this two-day event.  The main day of the Cocoa festival is Sat., the 20th. That day opens with "A Gospel According to Mayberry" presentation at a local chapel, followed by festivities all day on Main Street in downtown Cocoa, and then a concert with the VW Boys that night.  Additional activities, Mayberry stars attending, and other details are TBA, but especially if you're planning on doing the cruise or live fairly nearby, you'll want to keep this event in mind for your advance planning.

* Oct. 21-25: Cruise to Mayberry 2 starring cast members Keith "Johnny Paul Jason" Thibodeaux and LeRoy "Country Boy" McNees and assorted Mayberry Tribute Artists, including Allan "Floyd" Newsome.  For details about this second annual cruise to the Caribbean, visit the cruise's Web site at http://www.mayberry.com/tagsrwc/wbmutbb/anewsome/private/cruise.htm


**** NEWS OF CAST & CREW ****

   Andy Griffith is spending most of his time in North Carolina as he continues to recover well from last summer's hip surgery.  Meanwhile, The Very First Noel, the animated Christmas show that Andy narrated was well received on DVD and on DirectTV during the holiday season.  (A few copies are still available at our Weaver's Dept. Store online.)  Waitress, the film Andy worked on in December 2005 (he plays Old Joe), got good reviews at its premiere at Sundance in January.  It may open in theaters later this year.

   Ron Howard is currently scheduled to direct Angels & Demons, the follow-up to last year's Da Vinci Code.  He's also still slated to direct East of Eden, but that job may take a back seat to Angels & Demons.  Continuing with the angels, demons and Eden themes, another movie in the mix for Ron to direct is Frost/Nixon, based on the play about the David Frost interviews with Richard Nixon thirty years ago.

   Ron's father and brother, Rance and Clint, both have been working or are about to be on a slew of independent films.  Much of one of Rance's projects, Ghost Town, was filmed around Maggie Valley, N.C., last November and may have its premiere there this year.

   Jim Nabors has performed his tenth and final "A Merry Little Christmas with Friends and Nabors" concert in Honolulu.  "I'm going to miss it,"Jim told the Honolulu Advertiser.  "You always say ‘never say never,' but this is it.  Truly."  But there's still plenty of pomp and circumstance for Jim to have fun with around Honolulu.  The USS Missouri Memorial Association held its first "A Night of American Heroes" dinner fundraiser at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Jan. 19.  The event saluted Jim and U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye.

   George Lindsey was the subject of a cover story in American Profile, the major Sunday magazine supplement in newspapers for many Mayberry-sized towns across the country.  If you missed seeing a paper version, here's an online link: http://www.americanprofile.com/article/20314.html.

   The online story also has links to other Mayberry-related stories by American Profile.

   George recently returned from Tulsa, where he was part of an all-star tribute to old pal Roy Clark.  And filming of George's segments in a music video for country duo Moore & Moore wrapped at the end of January.  The video for the duo's "Find Me a Man Like Goober" single may be ready in time for a sneak peek at the George Lindsey/UNA Film Festival in early March.  The 10th annual festival welcomes back special guest Ernest Borgnine this year.

   In case you haven't heard it through the grapevine or "Tell Floyd," Betty Lynn loaded up the truck in mid-January and moved to Mount Airy, N.C.  She has always loved visiting Mount Airy for Mayberry Days, and finally just decided that it's where she wants to live year-round.  She has left the growing hassles of L.A. for the serenity and rolling hills of the Blue Ridge and couldn't be happier about it.  Mount Airy has enthusiastically welcomed her, while also being very respectful of her desire for a low-key lifestyle in which she can maintain a degree of privacy.  It's a joyful time for Betty and Mount Airy!

   On Jan. 18, personal manager and TAGS associate producer Richard O. "Dick" Linke had the nice surprise of seeing his beautiful Hawaiian home and new granddaughter Elle Marie featured on "Regis & Kelly" as part of the talk show's Beautiful Baby Search.  Dick says it was "quite a thrill" to see his and wife Bettina's newly renovated home and their granddaughter featured on a top-rated national TV show.  And stay tuned because you never know...maybe Elle Marie will make another appearance in the contest.

   Maggie Peterson Mancuso was the subject of a very nice profile in a January edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

   Barbara Stuart, Jackie Joseph-Lawrence, Elizabeth McRae, Ronnie Schell, James Best, Elinor Donahue, George Spence and LeRoy McNees are among the TAGS cast and crew who have recently checked in with TAGSRWC and report that they're doing well this winter.



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   That's all for now.  We hope you have fun browsing at Weaver's and visiting www.mayberry.com.  


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