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August 29, 2006 (Betty Lynn's birthday!)

Welcome to our fourth issue of the Weaver's Newsletter for 2006!  Here's the latest:


   The biggest merchandise news is that the Seventh Season of TAGS is being released on DVD the date of this issue, Aug. 29.  We have spot-checked our advance copy and believe that the quality of the color prints of these episodes is as rich and eye-popping as it is for the Sixth Season release.

   CBS and Paramount TV have also now officially announced that the Complete Eighth Season of TAGS will be released on December 12 and that the Complete First Season of "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." will be released the same day.  We'll start taking pre-orders for these December releases on Nov. 1.

   Also now we have the official 2007 TAGS Wall Calendar and a new TAGS necktie (both described below).  There's a new TAGS board game that we're expecting in the next few weeks, but (almost) certainly in time for the holidays.  Until then, here are details about new items that are available to order now:

* Seventh Season DVDs

Season 7 DVD   This season has many milestones.  It contains two appearances by Barney Fife (one in Raleigh, one in Mayberry) and the last appearances of Floyd the Barber, Otis, and the Darlings.  Also in this season are Ron Howard's favorite episode ("The Ball Game"), Andy's evening of spaghetti dinners with that secret ingredient, Old Sam, William Christopher, Elizabeth MacRae, and Rockne Tarkington.  Lots of highlights and beautiful color prints.  Sit back and enjoy this penultimate season of the best TV show of all time!


* Complete Seventh Season of "The Andy Griffith Show" on DVD
   This is our usual plain-and-simple offer with all 30 episodes that make up the Complete Seventh Season DVD, all by themselves at a great price.  The suggested retail price is $40.00, but we're offering the set for 20% off that price, $32.00.

   Here are the episodes in this season:

190. Opie's Girlfriend
191. The Barbershop Quartet
192. The Lodge
193. The Darling Fortune.
194. Aunt Bee's Crowning Glory
195. The Ball Game
196. Goober Makes History
197. The Senior Play
198. Big Fish in a Small Town
199. Mind Over Matter
200. Politics Begins at Home
201. A New Doctor in Town
202. Opie Finds a Baby
203. Only a Rose


204. Otis the Deputy
205. Don't Miss a Good Bet
206. Dinner at Eight
207. Andy's Old Girlfriend
208 The Statue
209. Aunt Bee's Restaurant
210. Floyd's Barbershop
211. A Visit to Barney Fife
212. Barney Comes to Mayberry
213. Helen the Authoress
214. Goodbye Dolly
215. Opie's Piano Lesson
216. Howard the Comedian
217. Big Brother
218. Opie's Most Unforgettable Character
219. Goober's Contest

* Goober's Great Seventh Season Combo
Seventh Season Special #1
   This is the same straightforward combo of a season on DVD and a set of Mayberry trading cards that we've been offering for the releases of the previous six seasons.  It continues to be one of our most popular combos.  We're pleased to offer it again.  If you haven't taken advantage of the offer with the previous seasons, maybe Seven is your lucky number!

* Complete Seventh Season of "The Andy Griffith Show" on DVD
* Complete Set (factory sealed) of Series 2 of "The Andy Griffith Show" Trading Cards (110 cards; rare collectible, out of production since 1992)

   The price for both the DVD set and the card set is only $40.00, which is the suggested retail price of the DVD set by itself.  No wonder this continues to be such a popular deal.

* Fun Girls Double-Date Combo
Seventh Season Special #2
  What's that?  You still never got around to getting your 2006 "Andy Griffith Show Wall Calendar."  Hello, doll! The 2007 edition of the calendar has already arrived.  Do you think you missed your chance for the 2006 edition?  Well, not to worry.  You see, Ben Weaver put the Fun Girls from Mt. Pilot in charge of calendar inventory because they always keep Mayberry supplied with lots of dates...that is to say, calendars from this year, next year, last year, and the year before that.  We still even carry a collectible Mayberry wall calendar going back to 1992!

* Complete Seventh Season of "The Andy Griffith Show" on DVD
* 2006 "Andy Griffith Show" Wall Calendar
* 2007 "Andy Griffith Show" Wall Calendar

   By themselves, theses items have a suggested price of $66.00, but with this combo, you get all three together for just $48.00.  Hurry and get in on this deal before Ben Weaver catches on to what cheap dates the Fun Girls are offering.


* Miss Crump's Seventh Season Back to School Special
Seventh Season Special #3
   Miss Crump thought maybe no one would notice that this is the same offer she came up with way back in the Second Season.  Well, we noticed.  But we still think it's a mighty fine combo, so we've just changed the season and are making the same offer again.

* Complete Seventh Season of "The Andy Griffith Show" on DVD
* Act Like Somebody book of Mayberry photos and quotations about Parenting
* I'm Proud to Call You My Friend book of Mayberry photos and quotations about Friendship

   The normal retail for these items is about $60.00.  Our everyday discounted price is $51.00. But Miss Crump insists that we get our price even lower for her pupils who are going back to school.  And she also knows that some folks are shopping ahead of time for the holidays and that DVDs and these little books make great gifts.  Miss Crump has stared us down, so we've priced this combo at just $45.00.  Please don't tell Mr. Weaver!


* 2007 "Andy Griffith Show" Wall Calendar  $13.00   NEW!

2007 Wall Calendar  For the fourth straight year, we're pleased to offer an official "Andy Griffith Show" Wall Calendar. This 2007 calendar is designed much like those for 2004, 2005 and 2006.  All of these recent calendars have featured black & white photos of Andy, Barney, Opie, Aunt Bee and Gomer.  The calendar measures 12 x 22 in. when unfolded.

   Fans have come to expect a quirk or two in these calendars.  Past years have seen their share of reversed images, for example.  Well, you won't be disappointed again this year.  Not only is there once again a reversed image, there is the bonus of the calendar manufacturer having mistakenly included a photo of Andy Griffith and Don Knotts from No Time for Sergeants.  "They'll get it right next year, Howie."  But it's still a swell calendar.  The little goofs kind of give it that extra Mayberry charm and collectibleness.  And don't forget...the 2007 calendar grid will be usable again in 2018.  (And save that 2006 calendar, too, because it'll be good again in 2017.)


New NecktieMayberry Trio Silk Necktie  $18.00   NEW!

  This brand new gentleman's necktie (in classic black and white) features three of Mayberry's finest who are sure to instantly turn any wearer into a truly styling foursome.  We also still have a similar necktie called Classic Barney with just Barney.



* Aug. 29: Release date for the Complete 7th Season of TAGS on DVD. Weaver's is taking orders now.

* Sept. 2: Jim Nabors sings the National Anthem at the University of Hawaii vs. University of Alabama football game in Tuscaloosa.

* Sept. 2: David Browning rubs everybody the right way at the Mississippi Braves baseball game in Pearl.

* Sept. 9 and 10: James Best is guest star at the Marigold Festival in Pekin, Ill.

* Sept. 15 and 16: Ronnie Schell hosts the 9th Annual Veterans of Comedy Wars at San Francisco State University.  Stars this year include Carol Channing and Steve Landesberg.  For tickets and info, call (415) 338-1193.

* Sept. 21-24: 17th Annual Mayberry Days in Mount Airy, N.C.  This is the biggest gathering of the year for Mayberry fans!  Stars announced so far include Doug and Rodney Dillard, Betty Lynn, Maggie Peterson Mancuso, Elizabeth MacRae (her Mayberry Days debut!), LeRoy McNees (performing with the band Vision V), George Spence, and returning to Mayberry Days for the first time in a while, Jackie Joseph, everybody's Sweet Romeena.  Also, Mayberry Days is very pleased that Tracy Alexander (son of late Mayberry Fun Girl Jean Carson) will be attending his first Mayberry Days and David Morris (son of the late Howard Morris) hopes his schedule will enable him to return for his second Mayberry Days.
   Mayberry Days is a fun-filled four days, beginning with the Mayberry Days Golf Tournament and banquet/concert on Thursday and continuing with concerts, a parade, trivia and other contests, The VW Boys, Michael Hoover's Elvis, bluegrass legend Bobby Osborne, the 108th Division Marching Band, vendors, Professor Brower's Lecture, and bowling before concluding with a Chapel service led by LeRoy and Jan McNees on Sunday morning.  Most parts of the weekend are free.  A few tickets remain for several of the parts of the weekend that require a ticket.  Visit http://www.surryarts.org/ or http://www.mayberrydays.org/ for more info.

* Oct. 13 and 14: David Browning falls into place at the Autumn Glory Festival and October Fest in Oakland, Md.

 * Oct. 17-21: Ronnie Schell performs in the Comedy Improv Theater at Harvey's Lake Tahoe Casino in Stateline, Nev.

* Oct. 21-22: James Best will be on hand to receive the Harvey Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Jimmy Stewart Museum in Indiana, Penn.  For more info, visit http://www.jimmy.org/

* Oct. 21: David Browning patrols Connelly Springs Town Day in Connelly Springs, N.C.

* Oct. 23 -27: Mayberry Cruise to the Caribbean aboard Carnival's Fascination ship. The 4-day cruise departs Miami for Key West, Cozumel, and a day at sea. Maggie "Charlene Darling" Peterson Mancuso and Dobro-playing Country Boy LeRoy McNees (from the episode "Mayberry on Record" and a regular at Mayberry Days) have been confirmed to be cruising. Neal Brower, author of Mayberry 101 will present Professor Brower's Lecture.  Tribute artists Allan "Floyd" Newsome, Phil "Ernest T." Lee, Kenneth "Otis" Junkin, Tim " Goober" Pettigrew, Jeff "Howard" Branch, Jamie "Opie" Sullivan, and Bob "Briscoe" Mundy will also be cruising.  Rates start at $249 plus $132 Port Tax per person, based on two per cabin.  The official deadline has passed, but if you're interested in booking, check with the organizers.  They may still be able to get you in.  Visit http://www.mayberry.com/tagsrwc/wbmutbb/anewsome/private/cruise.htm or call Sharon Euliss at All About Cruises in Burlington, N.C., at 1-800-832-7993.  Or e-mail her at PWESJE@aol.com.

* Nov. 11: George Lindsey performs with the Hagers at the Crystal Grand Theatre in Wisconsin Dells, Wis.  Show times TBA.  This is a rescheduled date.  For more info, visit http://www.crystalgrand.com/ .

* Nov. 21-26: Ronnie Schell performs at Harrah's Casino in Las Vegas.

* Nov. 28: David Browning performs Scrooge at Glenville State College in Glenville, W.V.

* Nov. 30 and Dec. 1: David Browning performs Scrooge at the James Garner Conference Center in Troy, N.C.

* Dec. 1 and 2: Roland White hosts and performs at Bill Monroe Appreciation Nights at the Station Inn in Nashville, Tenn.  For more info, visit http://www.rolandwhite.com/

* Dec. 2: George Lindsey performs with the Hagers, Lulu Roman, and Roni Stoneman in the Cornfield Country Show at Leelanau Sands Casino in Peshawbestown, Mich.  For more info visit http://www.casino2win.com/leelanau_sands/

* Dec. 15 to April 28, 2007: Ronnie Schell and Ruta Lee are stars of Senior Class--A Revue of the Golden Years for their third season in Palm Springs, this time at the Annenberg Theatre.  For more info, visit: http://www.seniorclassrevue.com/

* Dec. 15-17: Jim Nabors hosts his 10th annual (and final) A Merry Christmas with Friends and Nabors at the Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu.  There will be three performances: Fri. and Sat., Dec. 15 and 16, at 7:30 p.m., and Sun., Dec. 17, 2:00 p.m.  Tickets go on sale to the general public on Oct. 3.  For more info, visit http://www.hawaiitheatre.com/


* Mar. 1-4: 10th Annual George Lindsey UNA Film Festival in Florence, Ala., hosted by George Lindsey and with Special Guest of Honor Ernest Borgnine.  Details TBA.  For more information, visit http://www.lindseyfilmfest.com/

* Feb. 9: David Browning shows his animal magnetism at the Sweetheart Valentine Banquet at the First Baptist Church in Dover, Fla.

* Feb. 10: David Browning entertains at the Mayberry Social at Grace Fellowship Church in West Palm Beach, Fla.

* April 26-28: Doug and Rodney Dillard perform at 7th Annual Country Bluegrass Show at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds in North Platte, Nebr.  For more info, visit the festival Web site at http://countrybluegrassshow.tripod.com/

**** NEWS OF CAST & CREW ****

   Andy Griffith has had a relaxing summer, spending most of his time at home on his beloved coast of North Carolina.

   Ron Howard has several feature films in development as either a producer or director.  The buzz is that an East of Eden remake might be his next choice as director, but there hasn't been a formal announcement.  Meanwhile, Ron has been traveling some with his family.  And he and Dennis Miller helped Tom Hanks celebrate his 50th birthday with a tour of several Major League ballparks for games in July.

   Jim Nabors has had a limited tour schedule this year.  See the Event Calendar for two coming up during the rest of this year.  Stay current on Jim's appearances at http://www.jimnabors.com/

   George Lindsey has mostly been staying close to home this summer with a couple of appearances around Middle Tennessee.  His recent movie, When I Find the Ocean, is still making the rounds at festivals, where it has won some awards.  George also has been doing some promotional work for "Hee Haw," now back in reruns on CMT.  And George is slated for a possible music video in the next few months.

Gomer and Keith check the steering column before the race.
Photo by Jan Newsome

Graysville, Ala. (July 2006) - TAGS cast member Keith Thibodeaux and Gary "Gomer" Crain check the steering column for too much grease at the Sixth Annual Mayberry Squad Car Nationals. Keith had been training for the race with Gilly Walker as his coach. Speed, speed, speed was how he aimed to drive and he didn't disappoint.

   Keith Thibodeaux has appeared at a couple of Mayberry events so far this year (see Chapter News) and is touring extensively with wife Kathy's ballet company, for which he is executive director.  Among their upcoming dates is a tour of the Czech Republic.  You can find out more about the ballet company and schedule at http://www.balletmagnifcat.com/.

   James Best has had a very busy year, before and after marking his 80th birthday in July.  Most of his appearances these days are related to "The Dukes of Hazzard," which is hugely popular at the moment.  Some 50,000 fans attended each of the two days of DukesFest in Nashville in June.  But there was a touch of Mayberry there, too, as David "Mayberry Deputy" Browning and James did their popular dueling sketch onstage one day.

   James also recently finished filming the film Moondance Alexander, produced by daughter Janeen and starring Don Johnson and 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist Sasha Cohen.  James has a jam-packed Web site at http://www.jamesbest.com/

   Peggy McCay (Andy Taylor's high school sweetheart Sharon DeSpain) was guest of honor for a fund-raiser for the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tenn., in June.  She continues to portray Caroline Brady on daytime TV's "Days of Our Lives."  Her Web site is http://www.peggymccay.com/.

   Margaret Kerry (Mayberry's Bess Muggins and Helen Scobey) has been traveling quite a bit this year for Disney-related appearances (she was the model for Tinker Bell).  She has just completed highly successful appearance in Leland, N.C., and at the Point North convention in Vinton, Va.  She also is wrapping up her autobiography, Tinker Bell Talks-Tales of a Pixie-Dusted Life.  It could be released as early as next year, which would be nice timing because of Disney's release of its Tinker Bell feature film in 2007.  Visit Margaret's fun Web site at http://s104588189.onlinehome.us/tinktalks/home.htm

   NOTE: If you ever forget what the Web address is for a cast member's site, many are conveniently listed under Cast & Crew Web site link at http://www.mayberry.com/

Amzie Strickland    We're very sad to report the passing of Amzie Strickland, who played Miss Rosemary in "Andy the Matchmaker" (Episode #9).  She died of Alzheimer's Disease on July 5 in Spokane, Wash.  She was 87.

   In addition to her role as Miss Rosemary, Amzie appeared as three other characters in four more episodes of TAGS.  She was Verlaine Campbell, Otis's sister-in-law, in "Deputy Otis" (Episode #63); eager house-buyer Lila Simms in "Barney Fife, Realtor" (Episode #143); and Aunt Bee's friend Myra Tucker in "The Bazaar" (Episode #162) and "Aunt Bee on TV" (Episode #165).

She was also married to Frank Behrens, who played Nate Bracey in "Class Reunion" (Episode #82).

   Amzie Strickland was born on January 10, 1919 in Oklahoma City.  She was graduated from the University of Oklahoma's School of Drama.  She worked in Chicago as an actress and then moved to New York City, where her first work was as a writer for radio.  She soon began acting in radio, where she eventually did between 2,000 and 3,000 episodes for some of the top shows, including 50 episodes of "The Shadow."

   Amzie made a smooth transition during the emergence of TV.  She worked often for Jack Webb (especially on "Dragnet") and for shows produced by Carl Reiner and Sheldon Leonard.  Among her last performances in her more than 350 episodes of TV were two performances on "ER," in 1999 and 2000.  Among her other shows were "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." and "Matlock."

   She also found time along the way to perform in two dozen films, about half for theatrical release and half for TV.  Her movie credits range from Inherit the Wind to Pretty Woman.  Amzie was perhaps busiest with her work for countless TV commercials.  Among the products she promoted over the years were Miracle Whip, Unacol gasoline, Korbel champagne, MCI, Degree antiperspirant and Pop Secret popcorn.

   Through all of her work, Amzie's passion remained the theater.  She especially loved local theater.  She helped found CenterStage Dinner Theatre in Spokane, and actively supported it through the years.  Her son Tim Behrens is today artistic director of that successful theater.

   Mayberry fans were fortunate that Amzie was able to attend one Mayberry reunion event, the 35th Anniversary celebration in Winston-Salem, N.C.  She delighted the audience of fans and was genuinely pleased to see some old friends and meet many Mayberry admirers that she otherwise may not have realized she had.

   Because of Amzie's devotion to local arts programs, TAGSRWC has made donations in her memory both to the CenterStage Theatre in Spokane and the Surry Arts Council in Mount Airy.

   Singer Jack Smith, who played the TV announcer in "Aunt Bee on TV" (Episode #165) died of leukemia in Westlake Village, Calif., on July 3.  He was 92.  Born in Seattle, Wash., in 1913, he was a hugely popular singer onstage and on the radio during the 1940s and '50s.  He passed up opportunities to be in movies and did only limited work in TV.  His most extensive TV work was two stints as host of separate TV series called "You Asked for It."

   Robert Cornthwaite, who played Inspector Somerset in "Dogs, Dogs, Dogs" (Episode #93), died of natural causes in Woodland Hills, on July 20.  He was 89.

   Bob was born in St. Helens, Ore., on April 28, 1917.  He began acting in the theater as a teenager and began working in radio in college until going into the Air Force for four years.  Though most of his acting work was on his first love, the stage, he also worked in many films and a couple of hundred segments for TV.  A genre where he excelled was sci-fi thrillers and horror films, including The Thing in 1950, War of the Worlds, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and right on up to The Naked Monster in 2005.  He was also in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.  His TV work included one episode of "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." and two episodes of "Mayberry R.F.D."  His most substantial work on TV was the recurring role of Howard Buss on "Picket Fences" in the mid-1990s.

   Though Bob was in only one episode of TAGS, he liked being remembered for that role and enjoyed keeping up on the news about Mayberry and the TAGS cast and crew through TAGSRWC's printed newsletters.  He is survived by his brother William and several nieces and nephews.


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   You can find most of our items at our location on the third floor of the Main-Oak Emporium at 245 City Hall Street in Mount Airy, N.C.


**** SNEAK PEEKS  ****


Here's an advance look at the artwork for the box for the Complete Eighth Season of TAGS: TAGS Season 8
And here's artwork for the Complete First Season of "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.": Gomer Plye U.S.M.C. Season 1

We'll be taking pre-orders for both beginning Nov. 1.


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