Mayberry Man The Series Playing Cards

Mayberry Man The Series Playing Cards

If you enjoyed the Mayberry Man the movie or Mayberry Man The Series we have these great looking cards for you.  

This deck of 54 playing cards (2 Joker cards that feature Mayberry Man logo) with 52 unique characters from Mayberry Man The Series is perfect for playing whatever they are playing in the back room over at the Mayberry Hotel. 

The decks are very good quality, are smooth to deal, and come in a clear plastic case for safe storage. You may even be able to use them to see how many wishes Count Istvan Teleky might give you when you check the book....he gave Opie three wishes. He's crazy about children. 

The back of each card  features the characters Chris Stone (Brett Varvel), Kate (Ashley Elaine), Barney (Rik Roberts), Gomer (Chris Bauman) and Floyd (Allan Newsome).  

Perfect for having cast members autograph or just regular ole playing with.

Limited Quantities 

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