The Mayberry Rerun Watchers Guide - Season 1


The Mayberry Rerun Watchers Guide: Season 1
by SpiritWalker

This is a book for the “trained noticer” in all of us and if you're not a noticer, you'll sound like one after reading this amazing book!

The Mayberry Rerun Watchers Guide: Season 1 is a detailed look at each episode, scene by scene. Even fans who have watched the series repeatedly will find themselves learning new facts about the show they won't be able to believe they never noticed before. The book includes information on filming locations, cast, and crew. It is packed with trivia related to the first season.

If you are a fan of The Andy Griffith Show, you need to have this guide in your library.

Author SpiritWalker is an Apache writer, comedian, musician and magician. He appears regularly in segments of the Two Chair No Waiting Mayberry podcast and he has gone deep into the first season episodes of The Andy Griffith Show to find fascinating information for fans to enjoy