Bubble Boy - Maggie Peterson Original Script

Maggie Peterson's original script for the movie "Bubble Boy" (2001) 

Born without an immune system, Jimmy Livingston is forced to live in a sterilized dome in his bedroom in his home in California, earning him the nickname "Bubble Boy" by his neighbors. Jimmy's overbearing and devout Christian mother only exposes him to Highlights magazine and Land of the Lost for entertainment. When he is a teenager, Jimmy is immediately taken with a girl named Chloe who moves in next door and the two become friends, despite his mother's discouragement. Though Chloe leaves for Niagara Falls to marry her boyfriend Mark in three days time, Jimmy realizes that Chloe actually cares for him and builds a mobile bubble suit to run away from home, determined to stop the wedding.

Maggie was location scout for the movie.

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