Talent of Goober Lithograph (Autographed)

More than a keepsake, this is a work of art not one, not two, but three examples of Goober Pyle's talent. Just looking at the faces, you can hear Goober's voice saying, "Come on, you guys. All right, you guys. Beat it, you guys."  How can that not bring an instant grin to the face of everyone who sees it?

Not only do you get the wonderful print but you also get an 100% authentic George Lindsey autograph. Each autograph was obtained from Mr. Lindsey by the artist, George Murray.  Mr. Lindsey passed away on May 6, 2012 so this is a wonderful chance to get his autograph and know that Weaver's stands behind the authenticity.

Printed with premium inks on archival paper, this 11 x 14 inches collage pencil portrait is also signed by the artist George Murray.


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