Mayberry Melodies

Mayberry Melodies
by R. A. Leath with Special Contributor Rodney Dillard

This never-before-published collection provides readers with every song that was ever picked, sung, whistled, or hummed on an episode of The Andy Griffith Show!

This collection of 91 songs brings all of the lyrics to life.  Songs from "Dooley" to "Good Ol' 14A" are joined by all of the poems we heard on the show, from "Juanita" to "Old Aunt Mariah".

If you like Trivia, this book provides several doses of that as well. For instance, did you know Delos Jewkes (a.k.a Glen Cripe) was an accomplished singer, appearing in some 20 films, including "The Ten Commandments" where he was the voice of God?

Mayberry Melodies is a MUST for every fan of The Andy Griffith Show. Get all 148 pages of fun for you or the fan in your life.

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