Fishin Hole Super Soft Blanket

Note: Weaver's previously carried a fleece blanket with this same design but this is a new and amazingly soft upgrade from our previous offering.

Join Andy and Opie at the fishin' hole with this soft, ultra silky to the touch, and double overlock stitched (for unsurpassed durability and comfort) blanket. The blanket has amazing color and detail. Shrink and fade resistant.

It is so soft...if you could touch it through this would buy it just to be able to feel it against your skin.

fishing_hole_fleece_blanket_stiching_tnThis blanket is 100% polyester 300gsm fabric for warmth and comfort yet is lightweight and breathable.  The size is 36 in. x 58 in.  with the "Fishin' Hole" design is on one side with the reverse being a soft white fabric.

fishing_hole_fleece_blanket_softness_tnEasy to wash and quick drying, just in case you fall in while hooking 'ol Sam!

Note: Dye Sublimated Print. Each item is Uniquely Hand Printed in the U.S.A.  The dye sublimation printing process creates slight imperfections over seams and/or folds and are unique to and a part of each item.

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