Otis Shine On T-shirt

Otis Shine On T-shirt

This great looking t-shirt features Otis Campbell who is, without a doubt, Mayberry's most spirited citizen.

Otis is also one of Mayberry's most distinguished citizens having received a plaque from the Women's Historical Society as the closest living descendant of Nathan Tibbs. 

Tibbs was a Revolutionary War hero who set fire to Mayberry Bridge to help protect the town of Mayberry.  That shining fire brought honor to the name of Campbell so we say "Shine On," Otis....Shine On!

100% Cotton High Quality Pre Shrunk Machine Washable T Shirt.

Color: Black

This has been discontinued. The vendor that makes this product no longer produces Andy Griffith Merchandise. These are while supplies last in our inventory. We can not re-order.