Opie's Slingshot

Opie made a deal with Mr. Weaver to hand make each slingshot so they're all one of a kind. The dimensions, wood type, and color will vary because Opie chooses only the best real forked tree branches to make his slingshots. Sure, they can be a little rough around the edges, but these slingshots are brimming with personality! They might have a nick here and there, an irregular shape, but with their well-loved look and well-made construction, these slingshots are still perfect in our eyes.
The height will fall between 7-10", width between 3-5".  Each handmade slingshot has the classic look & feel, is outfitted with a leather projectile pouch, and uses natural latex tubing.
Slingshots are not toys. Adult supervision required. Ages 5 and up. Please read Opie's safety guidelines (link below) before purchasing. 
NOTE: Opie will choose the style & color of your slingshot personally when you place your order. The image is representative of but not the exact slingshot you will receive.