The Way Back to Mayberry

ORIGINAL 2001 Edition Signed by Author Joey Fann!

The Way Back to Mayberry: Lessons From a Simpler Time by Joey Fann (co-creator of the popular Finding the Way Back to Mayberry Bible Study Class)

This is a truly wonderful book inspired by the creator of the Mayberry Bible Study that has been sweeping the country since 1998. (paperback - 182 pages)

This book features a Foreword by George "Goober" Lindsey and is peppered with well-chosen photos.

But what makes this book's 30 chapters (each focusing on a favorite Mayberry episode) so special is the deeply personal and meaningful way that Joey Fann uses humor, sincerity, and sound reason to draw together lessons from Biblical Scripture, events in Mayberry, and elements and actions in his own life.

This is a very satisfying book to read in that it combines familiar touches of Mayberry with one man's thoughtful examination of his faith and his search for meaning in his own life. It's the kind of priceless book that makes the already-enticing $13.00 price seem all the more appealing.

One of my personal favorites, is The Christmas Story, when grumpy old Ben Weaver, owner of Weaver's Department Store finally figures out the true meaning of Christmas.

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