Best of the Darlin' Boys CD by The Dillards

Best of the Darlin

This is a fun album by The Dillards and is a good one for Mayberry fan mainly because of the first track (Darlin' Boys).  The album is good bluegrass music but it does not feature songs from The Andy Griffith Show and the Darling boys as you would expect.  None the less, it is a very good album and worth adding to your collection.


1    Darlin' Boys    2:23
2    Old Train    2:20
3    Let It Fly    3:42
4    Big Ship    4:18
5    Take Me Along For The Ride    3:48
6    Move On (Life of the Common Man)
7    Against the Grain    2:29
8    Banks Of The Rouge Bayou    3:07
9    Food on the Table - (bonus track)

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