Lawmen Pillow Case

Lawmen Pillow Case

Barney's on the case!  Andy and Opie, too. This pillow case is easy to solve.  Just insert your favorite bed pillow and have a great night's sleep, knowing that you're well protected by Mayberry's finest.

And this 100% polyester pillow case is double the fun because the design is on both sides. (There was an option for having the design on just one side, but Ben Weaver said no way to that.  Not for his store.  He wants only pillow cases with the design covering the whole case.)

These pillow cases measure 20 in. x 28 in.  In other words, it fits a Standard pillow, just like the ones for the jail cells at the Mayberry Courthouse.

Note: Dye Sublimated Print. Each item is Uniquely Hand Printed in the U.S.A.  The dye sublimation printing process creates slight imperfections over seams and/or folds and are unique to and a part of each item.

This has been discontinued. The vendor that makes this product no longer produces Andy Griffith Merchandise. These are while supplies last in our inventory. We can not re-order. 

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