Complete Season 1 of Mayberry R.F.D. on DVD

Complete Season 1 of Mayberry R.F.D. on DVD

The 26 episodes of this first season kick off with "Andy and Helen Get Married."  All of our favorite Mayberry folks are in that episode. Andy then passes the the baton to Sam Jones (Ken Berry) to carry on the Mayberry tradition with Aunt Bee, Goober, Howard Sprague, Emmett, Millie, and other new and old friends.

Here are the 26 episodes (on 4 discs):

 1. Andy and Helen Get Married
 2. The Harvest Ball
 3. The Race Horse
 4. Help on the Farm
 5. The Copy Machine
 6. The Panel Show
 7. Youth Takes Over
 8. The Church Play 
 9. Mike's Losing Streak
10. Sam Gets a Ticket
11. Emmett's 50th Birthday Party
12. Miss Farmerette
13. Sam and the Teenager
14. New Couple in Town
15. Aunt Bee's Cruise (Part 1)
16. Aunt Bee's Cruise (Part 2)
17. Driver Education
18. Howard's Hobby
19. The Camper
20. Sam the Expert Farmer
21. The Pet Shop
22. An Efficient Service Station
23. Emmett's Retirement
24. Millie's Girlfriend
25. The Church Bell
26. Sister Cities

Because "Mayberry R.F.D." has rarely been in rerun syndication during the last 30 years, these episodes will be new Mayberry delights for many fans, and the first time seeing them in perhaps decades for others. In either case, it's wonderful to see them finally available on beautiful DVDs. 

P.S. If you like to read about Mayberry as you're watching, we highly recommend A Guide to Television's Mayberry R.F.D. by David Fernandes and Dale Robinson.  The two late authors and great friends of Mayberry were actually too modest. Their book is not just "a guide," it's the only guide published about the show. And a mighty fine one, it is!


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