Snappy Lunch CD by the VW Boys

Snappy Lunch CD by the VW Boys
This fun CD by the popular VW Boys features the deliciously catchy title-cut tribute to the famed cafe in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mount Airy, N.C. Among the other dozen songs are guest vocalist Gary Wedemeyer's Briscoe Darling like rendition of "Low and Lonely" and the sentimental "Carolina Town." There are interesting bits of conversation throughout the CD, including a nice visit with late Snappy Lunch owner Charles Dowell. The "enhanced" CD also includes photos and a video. All we can say is, "Order up!"

Song List:

1.Barefoot Nellie
2. Sally Ann
3. Hunter Berry talks
4. Ole Buddha
5. Snappy Lunch
6. Gary Wedemeyer talks
7. Low & Lonely
8. Carolina Town
9. Joe Harr talks
10. Froggy Went A-Courtin'
11. Sara Jane
12. Patsy Stoneman talks
13. I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore
14. Smoke on the Water (a song about Saddam Hussein and others)
15. Saturday Night
16. When I Wake Up to Sleep No More
17. Fred E. Smith Talks
19. Owner Charles Dowell talks about the Snappy Lunch