Hogan's Heroes The Complete Series on DVD--Kommandant's Kollection

This 27-disc set has all 168 episodes of the series that originally ran from 1965-1971 on CBS. The original list price of the Complete Series Set was $182.00, but we've got it all here for just $95.00!  There's a number of Mayberry connections to this series, including several key writers and Larry Hovis (Mayberry's speedster Gilly Walker) as Sg. Andrew Carter. Perhaps the most interesting connection is that Howard Morris (Ernest T. Bass) directed 14 episodes. Both shows also filmed most of their exterior shots on the Forty Acres back lot in Culver City. Special features include: - Clip from CBS' Fall Preview Show Seven Wonderful Nights - Richard Dawson Remembers - Hogan's Theme Song: Performed by Bob Crane and his band - Werner Klemperer at the Emmys (1968) - Werner Klemperer at the Emmys (1969) - A Conversation with Co-Creator Al Ruddy - Komic Monakle from Mad Magazine But most of all, this is just a funny show from the same era as "The Andy Griffith Show." Fun for all ages, and for the ages.
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