Songs That Make Me Cry by Maggie Peterson CD (autographed)

Maggie Peterson (Charlene Darling) Sings  "Songs That Make Me Cry" on CD (autographed)

This special CD features the original tracks for three songs Maggie sang on "The Andy Griffith Show." 

For 50 years, Maggie carefully preserved the acetate recordings made from the original masters.  Now, she is generously sharing with Mayberry fans this CD made from those acetates.

The three songs on this CD are:

* Salty Dog
* Shady Grove
* There Is a Time

This boutique CD is being produced in a Mayberry-sized batch.  And what's more...Maggie is also autographing the cover insert of each one for us!  So, what is already a truly special collectible is even more so.

We're pleased to offer wonderful keepsake collection of beautiful recordings, and thank Maggie for giving Mayberry fans the chance to enjoy them in our personal collections!

 Only available at Weaver's!

We're sorry, but this item is still out of stock. Maggie is still recovering from several injuries that she suffered from last since last October due to several falls she'd taken.  She is unable to sign the CD's. We get them directly from her. She has told us that as soon as she can she will get them to us. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts & prayers. There is a gofundme page set up for her if you'd like to help her out with her medical bills. - Jan  

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock