Return of the Killer Shrews (starring James Best and featuring David Browning) DVD

More scary than The Monster from out of Town, more bizarre than "Anteaters from Outer Space." Watch out for Return of the Killer Shrews!

Otis, grab a bottle and take cover under your courthouse cot! Aunt Bee, grab your rolling pin!  Barney, find your bullet. Opie, test your slingshot. Ernest T. Bass, uh...never mind. He'll be fine. Even Killer Shrews know to avoid that nut and his sack of rocks!

Yes, the Killer Shrews of legend are back in Return of the Killer Shrews, the long-awaited sequel to the original 1959 cult classic starring James Best asCaptain Thorne Sherman.

In this new cinematic assault, Capt. Sherman (played again by the Best man) is now possibly the lone wrangler who survived the original shrew-vasion. He is hired by a current-day reality TV show crew to return to the island home of the shrews, who are willing to do anything to avoid having a low-life reality show invade their island. And it turns out that the generations of Killer Shrews that have evolved are more than up to the task, because, with the nuturing of an adoring mad doctor (Bruce Davison, ''X-Men'', ''Willard'' and Susan's ruthless estate lawyer on "Seinfeld"), the body count is sure to mount as members of the attractive cast and crew encounter the brutal reality of the flesh-munching mammals.

''Dukes of Hazzard'' buddies James Best, John Schneider, and Rick Hurst are joined by not only the talented Mr. Davison, but also Jennifer Lyons (yes, in the required monster movie bikini), Sean Flynn (grandson of Errol Flynn), David "Mayberry Deputy" Browning (as earnest Neavis), plus Patty Browning (David's wife) as the endearing Intern, and other able and highly watchable actors. As for the shrews, they're simply, viciously, blood-thirstily horror-able.

Special features: Trailer, "Making of" videos (including commentary by James Best), music video with Dean Torrence (Jan & Dean), plus Special Bonus: A brand-new digital film transfer of the original 1959 cult classic The Killer Shrews. film. So with this DVD you get both Shrews movies together!

We're not sure what the Motion Picture Association of America's official. Rating would be for this 81-minute film, but the amount of blood and gore is probably somewhere between TV's "Lassie" and "Dexter." Ditto for the laughs.

Be Shrewd and order Return of the Killer Shrews today. Then let yourself live...a little...before the Killer Shrews gnaw their way into your home!

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