Complete Season 9 of Matlock on DVD

This final season (the 1994-95 season) is on 5 discs. Here are the 15 episodes:

1. THE ACCUSED - Ben hires someone (Carol Huston) to investigate a murder involving plagiarism and self-defense.
2. THE SCANDAL - The prime suspect in the murder of a prominent attorney is an employee who accused him of sexual harassment.
3. THE DARE - Murder occurs after a millionaire philanthropist tells Ben he is planning one and dares him to solve it.
4. THE TABLOID - A senatorial candidate is accused of murdering the editor of a tabloid that smeared her.
5. THE COACH - After a college basketball coach clashes with a booster over recruiting techniques, he is accused of murder.
6. THE DATING GAME - Ben and Jerri pose as video-dating customers to find a murderer who may have used the service.
7. THE CONFESSION - Julie March comes to town, asking Ben to help her free an innocent man she convicted.
8. DEAD AIR - When a popular radio DJ is suspected in the murder of his partner whom he despised, Ben searches for the real killer.
9. THE GETAWAY - Matlock's client needs the testimony of a 12-year-old witness who insists on making a deal with the lawyer.
10. THE VERDICT - The town's new assistant district attorney must prosecute her former lover, who has secured Matlock for his defense.
11. THE DEADLY DOSE - Jerri's sister is accused of murdering a surgeon who had her fired after he was sued for malpractice.
12. THE TARGET - After bailing out of a fishing trip because of seasickness, Ben thinks the ensuing explosion that killed a judge friend was intended for him.
13. THE ASSAULT - After Matlock is mugged, he repays the man who helped him by offering legal representation in a lawsuit.
14. THE HEIST - When Ben's old friend tracks bank robbers, the former FBI agent's rusty skills get him arrested for murder.
15. THE SCAM - Matlock's plan to attend his class reunion is interrupted when Cliff is accused of murder.

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