Complete Season 7 of Matlock on DVD

Complete Season 7 of Matlock on DVD

Released in 2012, this Complete Seventh Season (1992-93)of Matlock has 18 episodes (including four 2-parters) on five discs.

Here are the episodes:

Season 7 (1992-1993)

1."The Vacation: Part 1"
2."The Vacation: Part 2"
3."The Legacy: Part 1"
4."The Legacy: Part 2"
5."The Ghost"
6."The Class"
7."The Singer"
8."The Mark"
9."The Juror"
10."The Fortune: Part 1"
11."The Fortune: Part 2"
12."The Debt"
13."The Revenge"
14."The Obsession"
15."The Divorce"
16."The Final Affair: Part 1"
17."The Final Affair: Part 2"
18."The Competition"

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