Complete Season 9 of Seinfeld on DVD

      While "Seinfeld" may never be Mayberry, it has earned its place as one of the best TV shows of all time.  It turned out that it was really about something after all!
      These are the 24 episodes of the ninth and final season:
      Season 9
      The Apology  
      The Betrayal   
      The Blood   
      The Bookstore  
      The Burning 
      The Butter Shave 
      The Cartoon 
      The Clip Show (1)
      The Clip Show (2) 
      The Dealership 
      The Frogger 
      The Junk Mail 
      The Maid 
      The Merv Griffin Show 
      Puerto Rican Day 
      The Reverse Peephole 
      The Serenity Now 
      The Slicer
      The Strike 
      The Strongbox 
      The Voice 
      The Wizard 
      The Finale (1) 
      The Finale (2)

      Brand new, full-length, and factory-sealed. Lots of bonus features.
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