Complete Season 8 of Seinfeld on DVD

      While "Seinfeld" may never be Mayberry, it has earned its place as one of the best TV shows of all time. 
      These are the 22 episodes of the eighth season:
      Season 8
      The Foundation
      The Soul Mate
      The Bizarro Jerry
      The Little Kicks
      The Package
      The Fatigues
      The Checks 
      The Chicken Roaster
      The Abstinence
      The Andrea Doria
      The Little Jerry
      The Money
      The Comeback
      The Van Buren Boys
      The Susie
      The Pothole
      The English Patient
      The Nap
      The Yada Yada
      The Millennium
      The Muffin Tops
      The Summer of George

      Brand new, full-length, and factory-sealed. Lots of bonus features.
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