Complete Season 3 of Seinfeld on DVD

Complete Season 3 of Seinfeld on DVD
      While "Seinfeld" may never be Mayberry, it has earned its place as one of the best TV shows of all time. 
      These are the 23 episodes of the third season that started it all for the "show about nothing."
      Season 3
      The Alternate Side  
      The Boyfriend (1)  
      The Boyfriend (2)   
      The Cafe   
      The Dog   
      The Fix-Up   
      The Good Samaritan 
      The Keys  
      The Letter   
      The Library   
      The Limo   
      The Nose Job  
      The Note  
      The Parking Garage   
      The Parking Space   
      The Pen   
      The Pez Dispenser  
      The Red Dot   
      The Stranded   
      The Subway  
      The Suicide 
      The Tape   
      The Truth 
      Brand new, full-length, and factory-sealed.  And lots of bonus features!
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