Hal Smith Original Script - "The Out-of-Towners"

"The Out-of-Towners" (This is the Final Draft, dated August 6, 1963. Some additional loose pages with changes have also been inserted.)

Hal Smith has written his name and character name (Stubby) in blue ballpoint on the cover. The script is numbered "96."

We're not sure about the history of this script.  It is written by Tad Mosel and was to be produced by the famed Martin Manulis Productions  The only other production of this screenplay that we can find is a 1957 Studio One production.  This version of the script by Tad Mosel, who wrote the Studio One version, is six years later.  (And it shouldn't be confused with the movie written by Neil Simon and starring Jack Lemmon, which was released in 1970.)

So, we don't know when this version with Hal was produced and aired, or if it ever did. But Hal wrote his name on it, and we're guessing it's a pretty rare script these days...because there seems to be no record of its production.

Proceeds from the sale of this script are designated for the annual Mayberry Days festival in Mount Airy, N.C.

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