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Songs, Themes and Laughs From The Andy Griffith Show

We campaigned for over a decade to have this 1961 album released on CD and, finally, here it is, complete with all of the original cuts (12 in all) and original cover and liner notes. Included are Earle Hagen's TAGS Theme, The Fishin' Hole, Manhunt (aka Barney's Theme), Mayberry March (aka Mayberry R.F.D. Theme), the lovely Ellie's Theme, the Aunt Bee theme and Barney's Hoedown, as well as Andy's telling of Jack the Giant Killer and folk classics (all heard on the show) with Andy and Mayberry's Country Boys, including, Flop Eared Mule, Sourwood Mountain, The New River Train and Cindy. If there's a must have album of Mayberry music, many fans would say, It's rightchere!

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