Complete Season 8 of The Andy Griffith Show on DVD

The artwork on the DVD box is different from what is shown. They have updated the artwork on the DVD's.

Here are the final season and the final thirty episodes of the greatest TV series on the planet.  

Here are the episodes in this final season, including guest appearances by two Oscar-winning actors and the only episodes with Paul Hartman as Emmett the Fix-It Man:

220. Opie's First Love
221. Howard the Bowler
222. A Trip to Mexico
223. Andy's Trip to Raleigh
224. Opie Steps Up in Class
225. Howard's Main Event
226. Aunt Bee the Juror
227. The Tape Recorder
228. Opie's Group
229. Aunt Bee and the Lecturer
230. Andy's Investment
231. Howard and Millie
232. Aunt Bee's Cousin
233. Suppose Andy Gets Sick
234. Howard's New Life
235. Goober the Executive

236. The Mayberry Chef
237. Emmett's Brother-in-Law
238. Opie's Drugstore Job
239. The Church Benefactors
240. Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting
241. Goober Goes to an Auto Show
242. Aunt Bee's Big Moment
243. Helen's Past
244. Emmett's Anniversary
245. The Wedding
246. Sam for Town Council
247. Opie and Mike 248. A Girl for Goober
249. Mayberry R.F.D.
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