Complete Season 5 of The Andy Griffith Show on DVD

The artwork on the DVD box is different from what is shown. They have updated the artwork on the DVD's.

This last season of black and white episodes is another classic season and the last for Don Knotts as a regular. There are 32 episodes in this season, including many real gems. In fact, we think you'd be hard-pressed to find a weak link in the whole season. (Of course, around here, we tend think there are few weak links in the entire series, but even so, this is a super season.) Here are the episodes in this season:

128. Opie Loves Helen
129. Barney's Physical
130. Family Visit
131. The Education of Ernest T. Bass
132. Aunt Bee's Romance
133. Barney's Bloodhound
134. Man in the Middle
135. Barney's Uniform
136. Opie's Fortune
137. Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor
138. The Pageant
139. The Darling Baby
140. Andy and Helen Have Their Day
141. Three Wishes for Opie
142. Otis Sues the County
143. Barney Fife, Realtor
144. Goober Takes a Car Apart
145. The Rehabilitation of Otis
146. The Lucky Letter
147. Goober and the Art of Love
148. Barney Runs for Sheriff
149. If I Had a Quarter-Million
150. TV or Not TV
151. Guest in the House
152. The Case of the Punch in the Nose
153. Opie's Newspaper
154. Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau
155. The Arrest of the Fun Girls
156. The Luck of Newton Monroe
157. Opie Flunks Arithmetic
158. Opie and the Carnival
159. Banjo-Playing Deputy

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