Vintage Printed Editions


From 1982 to 2001, TAGSRWC fired 53 issues of The Bullet, predecessor to our follow-up newsletters The Pocket, which was still on paper, and The eBullet, which is now our online newsletter. There were 51 scheduled issues and two special editions of The Bullet.

At least 30 of those vintage Bullet shots are still available as part of a "Set" of back issues.

You're guaranteed to receive at least 30 back issues of The Bullet and at least 10 back issues of The Pocket in your Set.

The back issues of The Bullet are filled with photos, in-depth profiles and news about many of the show's cast and crew, trivia, puzzles, "Professor Brower's Class" columns, recipes, cartoons, news from chapters and detailed reports about various cast reunions and other events.

The 33 issues that are still around are:
Vol. 6, Issue 2
(February 5, 1991);
Vol. 6, Issue 3
(May 21, 1991);
Vol. 7, Issue 1
(September 21, 1991);
Vol. 7, Issue 2 (February 15, 1992);
Vol. 7, Issue 3 (June 1, 1992)-Profile: Howard McNear;
Vol. 8, Issue 1
(October 3, 1992)-Profile: Director Bob Sweeney;
Vol. 8, Issue 2
(January 26, 1993)-Profile: Production Manager Frank Myers;
Vol. 8, Issue 3
(April 30, 1993)-Profile: Jack Prince;
Vol. 9, Issue 1
(July 31, 1993)-Profile: Music Director Earle Hagen;
Vol. 9, Issue 2
(October 31, 1993)-Profile: Betty Lynn;
Vol. 9, Issue 3
(February 22, 1994)-Profile: Writer Everett Greenbaum; Special Edition on Hal Smith (March 12, 1994);
Vol. 10, Issue 1
(May 25, 1994)-Mini-Profiles: Amzie Strickland, Jean Carson and Peggy McCay;
Vol. 10, Issue 2
(August 19, 1994)-Profile: Jack Dodson;
Vol. 10, Issue 3
(November 15, 1994)- Profile: Writer Harvey Bullock;
Vol. 11, Issue 1
(January 28, 1995)-Profile: Aneta Corsaut;
Vol. 11, Issue 2
(April 20, 1995)-Profile: Parley Baer;
Vol. 11, Issue 3
(July 8, 1995)-Profile: Jim Nabors;
Vol. 12, Issue 1
(October 3, 1995)-Profile: Producer Aaron Ruben;
Vol. 12, Issue 2
(February 21, 1996)-Profile: Howard Morris;
Vol. 13, Issue 1
(August 19, 1996)-Profile: Bernard Fox;
Vol. 13, Issue 2
(November 21, 1996)-Profile: Elinor Donahue;
Vol. 13, Issue 3
(March 28, 1997)-Profile: Executive Producer Sheldon Leonard;
Vol. 14, Issue 1
(July 12, 1997)-Profiles: Maggie Peterson Mancuso and Denver Pyle;
Vol. 14, Issue 2
(November 15, 1997)-Profile: Allan Melvin;
Vol. 14, Issue 3
(March 31, 1998)-Profile: James Best;
Vol. 15, Issue 1
(July, 26, 1998)-Profile: Arlene Golonka;
Vol. 15, Issue 2 (November 26, 1998)-Profile: Ronnie Schell;
Vol. 15, Issue 3
(March 26, 1999)-Profile: Ken Berry;
Vol. 16, Issue 1
(July 21, 1999)-Profile: Frances Bavier;
Vol. 16, Issue 2
(November 19, 1999)-Profile: Writer Everett Greenbaum;
Vol. 16, Issue 3
(March 2000)-Profile: Director Earl Bellamy ;
Vol. 17, Issue 1
(July 31, 2000)Profile: Clint Howard;
Vol. 17, Issue, 2
(November 17, 2000);
The Final Issue (April 2001)

You can order the whole batch of 30+ issues (with a book-length total of 552 pages of Mayberry reading!) 

Back Issues Set of The Bullet, The Pocket and The Button
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Back Issues Set of The Bullet, The Pocket and The Button

The Bullet
The Pocket

Back Issues Set of at least 30 issues of The Bullet and at least 30 issues of its two successor newsletters The Pocket and The Button. These are the official printed newsletters of "The Andy Griffith Show" Rerun Watchers Club from 1982 till today. (The final issue of The Button is scheduled for December 2015.)

The remaining issues of The Bullet cover mainly the 1990s through March 2001, and The Pocket covers through 2004, when our current printed flier, The Button, began.

Issues of The Bullet in particular feature interviews with the cast and crew from the show, plus Professor Brower's Class columns by Neal Brower, lots of trivia, many rare photos, coverage of events, news, and trivia.  With this set of back issues, you get over 400 pages of reading and rare photos.  (It's probably over 500 pages worth, but Ernest T. got tired of counting.)The set of all issues that are still available weighs well over four pounds!

A great way to discover (or re-live!) some great moments in recent Mayberry history!

As a bonus, we'll also include the current issue of The Mayberry Confidential, the official newspaper for Mayberry Days, as part of the same great $40 deal.

And that's not all.  All proceeds from the sale of these back issues go toward supporting Mayberry Days and other cast reunion and fan celebrations.  So your purchase helps create more events and memories...and more news for us to cover in future issues of The Button and in our online newsletter The eBullet.

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