Tin Signs

These signs have been discontinued. We can not reorder them. What we have listed are all that we have available.

These three Mayberry signs are Mayberry Law (featuring Barney looking fierce and measuring 16" x 12.5"), Bloodhound of the Law (featuring a great color picture of Barney in the foreground surrounded by five classic black-and-white Barney images in the background and measuring 11.5" x 16"), and Andy Griffith Show Tribute (featuring Opie and Andy going fishing in full color and measuring 16" x 13")

Each of these high-quality signs has a matte finish and a tiny hole in each corner for mounting, if desired. Decorate your home or workplace in Mayberry style with these super signs!

Remember what Barney says about the decision to decorate with these signs, "Don't be square...be RECTANGULAR!"